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  1. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 42, time is 12:27pm day 3

  2. Ginga


    Acum 5 luni

    I hope you reach 2 million soon

  3. 4TK Slyly

    4TK Slyly

    Acum 8 luni

    Deserved up to the 5 mil :D:D just send dingding and the 5 million will come soon :)

  4. Mal


    Acum 2 ani

    The unorganisation of this video sums up their group so well that I just keep having to come back here and watch this video just because of how perfectly it represents them

  5. MikanStream


    Acum 2 ani

    500 K Subscibers Lul

  6. 1 Mirai

    1 Mirai

    Acum 2 ani

    Where is toast LoL

  7. Ray11


    Acum 2 ani

    Yo. I just realised Yvonne is wearing the 7 hat. Fvonne?

  8. Constance Corey

    Constance Corey

    Acum 2 ani

    So guys we did it we hit 500,000 subscribers 2/4 of 1,000,000 subscribers (pyrocynical)

  9. John Doe

    John Doe

    Acum 2 ani


  10. OmegaTeemo


    Acum 2 ani

    i didnt sub and yes im that piece of shit that donates to you piece of shit stuff xD

  11. Isaiah Johnson

    Isaiah Johnson

    Acum 2 ani


  12. Nordic


    Acum 2 ani

    Currently there’s 555k



    Acum 2 ani

    Ahhhh I'm a piece of shit.

  14. Cyano 098

    Cyano 098

    Acum 2 ani


  15. Nadir 23

    Nadir 23

    Acum 2 ani

    if you want to hit 1M subs then pin me Offline TV .. or you would ignore me ? :/

  16. Theron


    Acum 2 ani

    Lily: "You don't have to like guys" Oh .. I thought I have to like.. ok thanks

  17. ThatGuyKiko


    Acum 2 ani

    I'm a piece of shit.

  18. Toemaytoe


    Acum 2 ani

    is albert sitting on edison?

  19. Fawtastic


    Acum 2 ani

    anyone else notice the subsciber typo



    Acum 2 ani

    I haven't liked or subscribe so am I still a good piece of shit

  21. Narumicchi _

    Narumicchi _

    Acum 2 ani

    I saw xell I click

  22. Jimmu Orejo

    Jimmu Orejo

    Acum 2 ani

    Anyone notice the text "500K SUBSCIBERS"? Was it intentional?

  23. Violet Fox

    Violet Fox

    Acum 2 ani

    I miss chris & pecca

  24. jo bruh

    jo bruh

    Acum 2 ani

    This channel has more subs than albert

  25. Calvin Lin

    Calvin Lin

    Acum 2 ani

    what about that 1:11 albert

  26. 101 weiner dogs

    101 weiner dogs

    Acum 2 ani

    Can’t wait to say one day - here before a million.

  27. moumou 0161

    moumou 0161

    Acum 2 ani

    i didnt subscribe now that means i'm a piece of shit :(

  28. hussam alnumay

    hussam alnumay

    Acum 2 ani

    im a good peace of shit

  29. ShawdowSytherZX


    Acum 2 ani

    Been here since 46k

  30. Capone-san


    Acum 2 ani

    i wanna see offline tv paintball

  31. tester66 the Almighty

    tester66 the Almighty

    Acum 2 ani

    I guess im not a piece of shit ;D

  32. bakuri chan

    bakuri chan

    Acum 2 ani


  33. Chibi Art with ibanlendel

    Chibi Art with ibanlendel

    Acum 2 ani

    was wondering where was toast's screen cam? hahah congrats guys!

  34. DemiGTX


    Acum 2 ani

    This house needs a token black guy.

  35. Roger Trenchs

    Roger Trenchs

    Acum 2 ani

    How i can do to live in this house pls 😂😂😆😆

  36. jon Gab

    jon Gab

    Acum 2 ani

    At this point I just given up all hope at Toast coming back...he's like Yoona now. "Part" of OfflineTV always...but not in the household anymore. Speaking of Pokelawls still "considered" OfflineTV like Yoona?

  37. merely tangerine

    merely tangerine

    Acum 2 ani

    i'm watching all of these offline tv vids and i just deeply feel the need to say MARK IS SO PRETTY

  38. Betadine


    Acum 2 ani

    Lol I just got the notification. Nojojoke

  39. JohnVanilla


    Acum 2 ani

    0:40 *Subscribers

  40. Mrumun


    Acum 2 ani

    Just a question do u ever get visited by subscribers randomly

  41. Carnage_Koala


    Acum 2 ani

    Yvonne is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice (stands for THICC)

  42. Jake Smith

    Jake Smith

    Acum 2 ani

    Lol. I totally thought this channel was waaaaay bigger.

  43. Conner bote

    Conner bote

    Acum 2 ani

    Hello pokimane im 12 but not a racist or perverted I would like to say something about how to stop these acts ok so own another channel we’re you don’t use your facecam and stop showing things like people who make the videos call thick pokimane that’s bad for your viewers that most are younger than 11 and probably shouldn’t no what most of the words and things in this cruel world. Plus I think parents would be happy too because they don’t have to here there son or daughter say thick or other racist and perverted kids say to you feels bad bro but it’s just a helpful comment keep up the good work and win fortnite games and play with TSM myth ps I have been here Since league of legeds but they weren’t realy good to watch no offense play fortnite and try are survival evolve you might like it

  44. Adrian Garcia

    Adrian Garcia

    Acum 2 ani

    When’s you’re next video coming We’ve all been waiting

  45. Efe Tatar

    Efe Tatar

    Acum 2 ani


  46. Rez Me

    Rez Me

    Acum 2 ani

    Sooo where is toast..? Didn’t fed leak the address yet for him to come back..?

  47. DragoniteSam


    Acum 2 ani

    If this comment gets pinned. I'll unsubscribe from OfflineTv and subscribe to Technoblade!

  48. Dunkin Dutchmen

    Dunkin Dutchmen

    Acum 2 ani

    Hey just so you know this Channel has more subs than Fed and scarra Combined

  49. Carnage_Koala


    Acum 2 ani

    Where is the next Mafia game bitch you guys hit 81K likes cmon

  50. Yuri's Opinion About random stuff

    Yuri's Opinion About random stuff

    Acum 2 ani

    Congrats for hiting 5 sub

  51. FroukaFries


    Acum 2 ani

    Im a good piece of shit ig

  52. Adil Zoz

    Adil Zoz

    Acum 2 ani

    "if you're not-..." "BYE GUYSSS!!"-scarra 1:19

  53. tfoe foefoe

    tfoe foefoe

    Acum 2 ani

    Why Is Albert not on the banner

  54. Mathias Reiersen

    Mathias Reiersen

    Acum 2 ani

    I am a good piece of shit

  55. Maddie Morter

    Maddie Morter

    Acum 2 ani

    Lmao I’m watching this instead of doing my homework. Fuck highschool id rather watch this😂

  56. Novakayne


    Acum 2 ani

    Lol why is albert sitting in Godison's lap, wouldnt it have made more sense for lily to just sit on alberts lap

  57. Bass Unleashed

    Bass Unleashed

    Acum 2 ani

    More content plz........

  58. kpop is bae

    kpop is bae

    Acum 2 ani

    why is albert sitting on edison's lap???

  59. Unser


    Acum 2 ani

    Not joking I’m the 500,000

  60. Julian Schilling

    Julian Schilling

    Acum 2 ani

    Yay i am no shit 😂😂😂

  61. Rasmususususus


    Acum 2 ani


  62. Refik Erdogan

    Refik Erdogan

    Acum 2 ani

    Can you guys make a parkour thing for your couz he is good in being sporty

  63. Safe


    Acum 2 ani

    You can make videos without fed, didn't poki used to edit?

  64. Ceramet iz

    Ceramet iz

    Acum 2 ani

    albee is sitting on edison right but where is edisons knee/leg?

  65. Hannah Dam

    Hannah Dam

    Acum 2 ani

    wow @1:10 was that supposed to be funny?

  66. AJP123


    Acum 2 ani

    thought xell left?

  67. Frog Counter

    Frog Counter

    Acum 2 ani

    Its not the same without toast.

  68. Japd fr bn rnd omebk Piggy Jiggy

    Japd fr bn rnd omebk Piggy Jiggy

    Acum 2 ani

    More mafia plz

  69. JoeyHyung


    Acum 2 ani

    Congrats on 500k! So glad I found this channel! Keep up the great work! 😁🎉😁🎉

  70. kym


    Acum 2 ani

    Artillery Only

  71. Embo YILDIRIM


    Acum 2 ani

    For 500K a New Member is coming named Myth 😬😬

  72. Aiko Chalice

    Aiko Chalice

    Acum 2 ani

    Fuck you Mark, I'll be a piece of shit if I wanna. YOU AREN'T MY MOM, YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  73. Britney Zhu

    Britney Zhu

    Acum 2 ani

    “Subscibers” LOL

  74. Sanake


    Acum 2 ani

    I remember i came for toast and stayed for offline tv

  75. Raees Adams

    Raees Adams

    Acum 2 ani

    iv been supped since that cringy first video . i know you guys are really busy but please try and upload more. FCK ORIGINAL CONTENT WE JUST WANT TO SEE U GUYS DO SHIT.... its fcking enjoyable man

  76. Zoranx


    Acum 2 ani

    i hit 5 subs

  77. EatPlayLuv Productions

    EatPlayLuv Productions

    Acum 2 ani


  78. Kristian Binghay

    Kristian Binghay

    Acum 2 ani

    guys, please try ordering a mystery box from the darkweb pleaaasee

  79. Zazzy Zabra

    Zazzy Zabra

    Acum 2 ani

    AHem no, its 513k! >:| welp congrats though

  80. Tye


    Acum 2 ani

    I'm not a piece of shit anymore!

  81. Roflcopter


    Acum 2 ani


  82. RandomPandacorn


    Acum 2 ani

    i remember first watching lily and being like "oh she's in a streamer group! lets go watch their stuff since i enjoy her vids too!" and whelp about a year later here i am with a new season of offlinetv 💓

  83. Venus1/2


    Acum 2 ani

    For a moment I thought Albert was Toast and I got really excited and happy... but I do love Albert! It's just that Toast is more of the exciting calm people. Albert if you ever read this... give Lily a hug.

  84. ray laowei

    ray laowei

    Acum 2 ani

    Where's the premium toast content :(

  85. Theo Truong

    Theo Truong

    Acum 2 ani

    Hey guys you guys are amazing. Thanks for all the amazing content!

  86. Fabian Gonzalez

    Fabian Gonzalez

    Acum 2 ani

    You guys should play the werewolf board game it's really fun and would definitely be a good time

  87. RHChy


    Acum 2 ani

    One white guy, feels bad man. 😂

  88. sysen


    Acum 2 ani

    How many tries did you have to do to do the intro?

  89. O Du

    O Du

    Acum 2 ani


  90. Gonzalo Valdez

    Gonzalo Valdez

    Acum 2 ani

    That clipping tho

  91. Tetra Sky

    Tetra Sky

    Acum 2 ani

    "no video this week because..." Ok, still better than 1 video a month.

  92. MarinTheDuck


    Acum 2 ani

    Are you guys gonna be doing any more Mafia?

  93. Pollo BBQ

    Pollo BBQ

    Acum 2 ani

    i want a video at the poooooooooooooooooool! Kappa congratz guys love ya all

  94. albie


    Acum 2 ani

    There wasn't enough room on the couch...

    • Edmund


      Acum 9 luni

      that's kinda gay dude

    • Millenia NA

      Millenia NA

      Acum 2 ani

      Subscriber was spelt wrong ); at the beginning

    • Novakayne


      Acum 2 ani

      So why didnt lily just sit in your lap lol... Or was it all really just a meme??????

    • EelayInsay


      Acum 2 ani

      I’m jealous

    • wyrw


      Acum 2 ani

      Haha, I thought it was an optical illusion at first!

  95. Pradeep22


    Acum 2 ani


  96. Rez Ki

    Rez Ki

    Acum 2 ani

    512k btw

  97. Lucian Hardy

    Lucian Hardy

    Acum 2 ani


  98. Buni :3

    Buni :3

    Acum 2 ani

    I don't wanna be a piece of shit D: PRESS IT

  99. shux


    Acum 2 ani

    where is toast?

  100. Naqi Dan

    Naqi Dan

    Acum 2 ani

    Wc XD