In the second episode of OfflineTV Odyssey, the gang gets into their first combat encounter. As it ends, they attempt to track their attackers but things don't go so smoothly.
OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | lilypichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
Produced by:
Xell | xelltweets
MarkZ | theemarkz
Directed / Animated by:
Brodin Plett | brodinplett
Shot By:
Albert Chang | THEalbertchang
Juan Ramos
Edited by:
Joe Booroojian
Brodin Plett
Managed by:
Edison Park | edisonparklive
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  1. Thicc Boi Cometh

    Thicc Boi Cometh

    Acum lună

    Yo I just realised why are they writing using pen?

  2. ThatStupidGuy


    Acum lună

    My new fav anime

  3. Love ER

    Love ER

    Acum lună


  4. DarkSaber132


    Acum 2 luni

    this is basically dnd but anime XD

  5. jimmyph20005


    Acum 2 luni

    Intro tune bangs

  6. petyu3


    Acum 2 luni

    Someone should make anime using this D&D adventure story.

  7. Bummy John

    Bummy John

    Acum 2 luni

    I may be new at the game but aren’t those sickles in the goblins hands but they deal scimitar damage?

  8. Crusader Em

    Crusader Em

    Acum 2 luni

    I have the exact same dice as toast, fed, and Lily. Lily's are my lucky dice

  9. ImJustAWeeb !

    ImJustAWeeb !

    Acum 2 luni

    Yo Ugg's MVP

  10. J3STR _

    J3STR _

    Acum 2 luni

    They didnt add the fact that theodore enchanted ugg’s hammer with Light

  11. ValhallaKing


    Acum 3 luni

    I love how the goblins make Raticate's noise

  12. Anonymous


    Acum 3 luni

    An Ogre Throwing a dead horse is the most toast thing ever xD

  13. Werwolf killer

    Werwolf killer

    Acum 3 luni

    Sccara's pen trick tho

  14. DarkMidgetClub05


    Acum 3 luni

    UGG would do more caught in the sneer then Lilly( don't remember her name) did in the first episode

  15. Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.

    Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.

    Acum 3 luni

    The opening's lit

  16. Gabriel Gardon

    Gabriel Gardon

    Acum 3 luni

    I Hope they continue this im fvking enjoying it so much

  17. GeninGeo


    Acum 3 luni

    ep 3 is b4 ep 2 in this playlist

  18. ToastedWaffles


    Acum 3 luni

    This was the very first campaign I've ever played with my friends and I remember I was the tanky character so I went in front. When we came to the stream I attempted to jump over the streams to not make any noise. I rolled a NAT 1. My feet never left the ground and I fell face first into the stream. It was funny af.

  19. Wesley Witte

    Wesley Witte

    Acum 4 luni

    why does fed have to ruin everything

  20. Justin HAO

    Justin HAO

    Acum 4 luni

    i just saw thingy's password 14:55

  21. MINECRAFT gaming

    MINECRAFT gaming

    Acum 4 luni

    This should be a anime

  22. MINECRAFT gaming

    MINECRAFT gaming

    Acum 4 luni


  23. Mateo Navarro Medina

    Mateo Navarro Medina

    Acum 4 luni

    Interesting enough in all the d&ds ive playef never have all the characters met up in one spot at the start, mabyvthats why are game master suffers

  24. Trenton Dorsey

    Trenton Dorsey

    Acum 4 luni

    Yo, this intro is fire. The animation and all

  25. Deity Quietus

    Deity Quietus

    Acum 4 luni

    I like how much luck toast have in DnD

  26. Daniel Gelongo

    Daniel Gelongo

    Acum 4 luni

    2020 anyone. Calling this intro amazing is an understatement

  27. Anh Tran

    Anh Tran

    Acum 4 luni

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    • Anh Tran

      Anh Tran

      Acum 4 luni

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    • Anh Tran

      Anh Tran

      Acum 4 luni

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    • Anh Tran

      Anh Tran

      Acum 4 luni

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  28. יוסי סוריזון

    יוסי סוריזון

    Acum 4 luni

    this anime opening xD

  29. Basil Fabian

    Basil Fabian

    Acum 4 luni

    I still can’t get over how cool that opening is man 🤩 Edit: Ugg with the horse move was awesome 🤣🤣🤣

  30. Liesel Brehmer

    Liesel Brehmer

    Acum 5 luni

    ok but that intro slaps

  31. Man Go

    Man Go

    Acum 5 luni

    21:30 UGG: "oh ya, me fine"

  32. George Gelizon

    George Gelizon

    Acum 5 luni

    I love the fire emblem attack style

  33. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 69, time is 5:28pm day 4

  34. Anthony Lara

    Anthony Lara

    Acum 5 luni

    u will never amount to levi stop calling yourself levi love offline tv tho

  35. CardBoardCoffeeCup


    Acum 5 luni

    When I did this we interrogated orcs and one of our party members ended up killing one of the orcs we were investigating

  36. I Do Stuffs

    I Do Stuffs

    Acum 6 luni

    I am literally having a goblin Slayer vibes from this

  37. SHZpai


    Acum 6 luni

    The op has a a couple anime references

  38. Phillip


    Acum 7 luni

    That Fire Emblem battle sequence 😎💅

  39. Jyzaes Gerard

    Jyzaes Gerard

    Acum 7 luni

    Ugg sounds like a mix of Yoda from Star Wars and Gollum from The Hobbit.

  40. Robert O' Toole

    Robert O' Toole

    Acum 7 luni

    Nobody: Ugg: THIS BITCH EMPTY *Y E E T!*

  41. Acid Shaft

    Acid Shaft

    Acum 7 luni

    The op was a REALLY good jam... Now I want to replay it 24/7

  42. Ryan Rech

    Ryan Rech

    Acum 8 luni

    Anyone suffering from 2020 quarantine?

  43. Vianey Ortega

    Vianey Ortega

    Acum 8 luni

    the animation killed me lmao

  44. Aiden Whennen

    Aiden Whennen

    Acum 8 luni

    What if Michael was there?

  45. Hasan Chowdhury

    Hasan Chowdhury

    Acum 8 luni

    were have i heard this op music before?

  46. Yhmir


    Acum 8 luni

    ugg officially the leader

  47. Angelly Castillo

    Angelly Castillo

    Acum 8 luni

    I get anxiety every time fed puts his hand near his face

  48. AJCrush


    Acum 8 luni

    I really wanna just slap pixel Ugg’s bald head to see how it sounds

  49. Nobody asked

    Nobody asked

    Acum 9 luni

    14:54 lily's phone password

  50. Yuvapriyan Rathinaraj

    Yuvapriyan Rathinaraj

    Acum 9 luni

    in my friends d&d we have a friend who can only say boat and only one person can translate for him

  51. i dont anymore

    i dont anymore

    Acum 9 luni

    Ugg: ( the man of extreme luck)

  52. IKache


    Acum 10 luni

    Did Lily roll a D6 for her attack roll??

  53. 5UP3R N008

    5UP3R N008

    Acum 10 luni

    basically the characters The squishy dragonborn The introvert rogue The 100% original Shrugg The time traveling drawf who friggin casted light in broad daylight And the blind motivational elf. Best team ever

  54. Saki Dickerson

    Saki Dickerson

    Acum 10 luni

    Nerf Ugg

  55. Alexyss Hilderbrand

    Alexyss Hilderbrand

    Acum 10 luni

    2:39 are we going to ignore the fact the Lily only rolled a d6 (her damage die) instead of a d20 to hit

    • KungFuCold


      Acum 3 luni

      Damn you were right.

  56. Book Nerd

    Book Nerd

    Acum 10 luni

    "You are not proficient in dead horses" Yup, neither am I

    • G


      Acum 6 luni

      I am....... Dead dogs, chickens, humans, goats etc.

  57. Don Ewing

    Don Ewing

    Acum 10 luni

    i love the fire emblem fight ui

  58. Carlos Feliciano

    Carlos Feliciano

    Acum 10 luni

    I miss odyssey

  59. UselessHorse 234

    UselessHorse 234

    Acum 11 luni

    Thanks to this video I now know lillies password to her phone

  60. BizarPluck


    Acum 11 luni

    The intro music is hella fire

  61. koiboy


    Acum 11 luni


  62. Lasane


    Acum 11 luni

    2:30-2:35 look at that pen spin pog

  63. ItsIvanArroyo


    Acum 11 luni

    Bruh I didn't know that the play list of this series is not in order. I watched in full screen and realized that I've watched episode 3 before this. I'm so dumb.

  64. Anorexic Dragn

    Anorexic Dragn

    Acum an

    So it's just fire emblem

  65. Sammo Rossi

    Sammo Rossi

    Acum an

    The only series intro I will watch everytime.

  66. Daniel Khoo

    Daniel Khoo

    Acum an


  67. ZE WOTA


    Acum an


  68. ZE WOTA


    Acum an


  69. MK Westcott

    MK Westcott

    Acum an

    Why does Scarra make me hate him so much??

  70. Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan

    Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan

    Acum an

    scarra's voice is so annoying rn 😆

  71. Cauliflower


    Acum an

    we know LilyPichu's phone password l l l__ __ __

  72. Colin Woodward

    Colin Woodward

    Acum an

    short rest is 30 minutes? Trivial after Koibu.

  73. Lisa Camaron

    Lisa Camaron

    Acum an

    Ugg is like the Mutant Mary Jane of D&D

  74. Mabuthonke Mthanti

    Mabuthonke Mthanti

    Acum an

    Lili just showed her pattern on screen

  75. Harvey Alejo

    Harvey Alejo

    Acum an

    Scarra just trying to show off his thumb around

  76. Shishkabob Weiss

    Shishkabob Weiss

    Acum an

    I just realized I have the same dice as Lily. I sprayed some white paint on them though to make it look like there are stars in a galaxy theme.

  77. Just Coke

    Just Coke

    Acum an

    Tokyo ghoul opening part tho

  78. Christopher Troncoso

    Christopher Troncoso

    Acum an

    anyone else get a dice ad while watching the video

  79. Waqar Rehman

    Waqar Rehman

    Acum an

    Ngl, I really need Fed to wear the hidden blade properly.

  80. Invalid Future

    Invalid Future

    Acum an

    Only anime opening i will watch multiple times this is beautiful and i need more

  81. Ro Josiah

    Ro Josiah

    Acum an

    14:53 lily phone password leak probably should change it now

  82. Matthew P

    Matthew P

    Acum an

    Who does their music?

  83. Lucas Jones

    Lucas Jones

    Acum an

    2:35 she rolls to attack with a d6... not a d20

  84. stan min yoongi

    stan min yoongi

    Acum an

    ugg is a fucking beast

  85. Ruben Macphee

    Ruben Macphee

    Acum an

    i saw Lillys password!! if i ever see her phone i call dibs

  86. Rxtrogradx 707

    Rxtrogradx 707

    Acum an

    Ugg coming in clutch

  87. Nii Kojo

    Nii Kojo

    Acum an

    Best intro ever!

  88. RunikVarze


    Acum an

    The only one who was actually really effective in combat was toast with that insane horse thing.

  89. Kettlecorn


    Acum an

    The animations make it 20x better

  90. robert pilapil

    robert pilapil

    Acum an


  91. Michael Noonan

    Michael Noonan

    Acum an

    "Where's the humanity in your heart?" Said by an elf to a group with one human, is like saying where's your Christian values as a non Christian to a group with only one christian.

  92. JohnEndless


    Acum an

    Ugg has learn: Dead Horse

  93. diegofiora


    Acum an

    UGG is the best

  94. Nim


    Acum an

    16:36 Toast is like these people have no idea what they are talking about. Also, a lot of things went without chance of them actually happening successfully (things being rolled for), it probably would've added more to how things played out. For Scarra could have failed on casting a spell and would have given himself or someone else a negative bonus.

  95. Jean MiRoKh

    Jean MiRoKh

    Acum an

    Only the half orc god doesn't miss his shots, what a blessing

  96. VeganJayson


    Acum an

    Holy shit, fire emblem

  97. Mike Libo-on

    Mike Libo-on

    Acum an

    I. Love. That. Opening. Soooo much.

  98. Max Alonso

    Max Alonso

    Acum an

    Scarra's character voice annoys me soo much.

  99. kahleb Howarth-jennings

    kahleb Howarth-jennings

    Acum an

    ‘Where’s the humanity in your heart’ Poki should’ve said ‘BITCH I AM A LIZARD’

  100. The2KXperience


    Acum an

    This legend just yeet'd a horse and killed two goblins. My dude. Damn.