It's time for the boys club podcast, as we talk about manly man topics as well as big Korean organizations sponsoring western streamers.
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  1. 色勒


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    topics 0:00 Intro 2:10 Drinking alcohol 3:35 Poki 's makeup line 5:40 Talk about offlineTV 7:30 Armpit fetish 11:35 Taking breaks from streaming 17:00 What pisses you off that a viewer says or does 20:10 What do you guys feels about doing more contant but slightly less quality 21:00 Lily joins the podcast 26:00 No streamer has been top dog for more than 1 year in a roll ? 32:05 GTA5 RP 36:20 Who would you be if you RPing in GTA5 40:10 Do you ever DMCA take down someone who you don't like using your contant 43:00 Albert's KDA video 48:40 Has your manliness at games attracted females to you 53:40 How mark meets his GF 59:30 Have you guys ever felt competition from a female 1:02:20 If you were to become a female tomorrow ... 1:04:25 Korean influence 1:11:35 Story about TSM Toast 1:13:30 What do you guys do to push offlineTV 1:19:15 Outro I love offlineTV , and the PODCAST series is awesome. I wished they add timestamps on different topics , so I try to do it. I'm not a native English speaker , so I apologize in advance if there is any missunderstanding. Hope you guys like it Have a nice day :)

    • Zak


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    • Wizard


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      Thank you.

    • Ryan O'Driscoll

      Ryan O'Driscoll

      Acum 2 ani

      Carefully he’s a hero

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      Thanks for the timestamps

    • Henrik Leander

      Henrik Leander

      Acum 2 ani

      Thanks dude

  2. Niraj Modhwadia

    Niraj Modhwadia

    Acum 3 luni

    Fucking ace toast. Watching this way late

  3. Demonic Pharoah

    Demonic Pharoah

    Acum 3 luni

    2:52 fed talking about memory loss when drinking 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 70, time is 5:57pm day 4

  5. Lau Prayer

    Lau Prayer

    Acum 5 luni

    "Its sound enough for me" - only Legends will know

  6. Hay Mayhem

    Hay Mayhem

    Acum an

    Scarra needs to do more irl content. Dude has a great personality/thoughtful comments

  7. Aiden Langley

    Aiden Langley

    Acum an

    Toast this is 2019 boi favouriting on YT is not a thing boi get your shit together boi

  8. ItsMohdiii


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    4:41 only fed saw scarra chugging pure vodka and scarra didnt even flinch LMFAO

  9. Jocelyn Mcawsome

    Jocelyn Mcawsome

    Acum an

    "tHEre's nO gIrLs iN cHaT'

  10. RedGiant


    Acum an

    no offence to anyone in the offline house they are all absolutely incredible in their own unique ways but albert is by far the most creative person I know of if amazing to me everytime he does something

  11. Pedro Lage

    Pedro Lage

    Acum an

    This is fucked up dude, when i ask one streamer that i like if he/she is tired or sad it's bc i'm worried about him/her, it's pretty sad that you guys don't like this... ok let's move on.

  12. Acraze


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    i swear fed at 36:25 sounds like adrian riven

  13. TheRedFlash


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    There are more card games on twitch, its called Lightseekers!

  14. Stivens Salazar

    Stivens Salazar

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    just increasing engagement for video :D

  15. NdrewG


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  16. Yànez


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    Fed you look sad :

  17. SwordDancerX1


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    Fed it is illegal to use a DMCA for anything other then what it was made for aka get your missed used works taken down legally. when you submit that claim you start a legal process between you and that channel even youtube saids "Do not make false claims. Misuse of this process may result in the suspension of your account or other legal consequences." so i will assume this would be to make like a false police report.

  18. Chuong Le

    Chuong Le

    Acum an

    I came cuz SKT

  19. Subash Chandra

    Subash Chandra

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    Scarra last week: I'll Whitelist Synapse. I like him. He's the only person. Also Scarra today: Synapse can't use my clips anymore.

  20. Dana Harris

    Dana Harris

    Acum an

    13k prime subs 22k overall subs according to

  21. beary


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    Sean was probably trolling with the female questions but kinda sexist lol

  22. Deadend36


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    18:00 Not sure if thats exactly the time- But people always walk up to me at school like "Dude is something wrong, you look sad" and I'm like. Oh- Do I?

  23. Damon Calanchi

    Damon Calanchi

    Acum an

    New fetish lilypichu sleeping!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. Tetra Sky

    Tetra Sky

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    They sound tired.

  25. Dennis Zed

    Dennis Zed

    Acum an

    "Fed watches in horror how Scarra emptys the pure Vodka like actuall water, it will remind him to keep an eye on him."

  26. Mega Feebas

    Mega Feebas

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    So you guys got a personal cook, now what about a personal bartender??? I can satisfy all of scara's alcoholic needs kek

  27. Darian Yang

    Darian Yang

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    Mark pretend interact with me

  28. Estral Frigeo

    Estral Frigeo

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    I am so dumb that I need a reminder to comment D:

  29. Sarma vlada

    Sarma vlada

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    This Mar seams familiar ,didn't he like turtles at some point?

  30. Schupak


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    Not a brittish invasion anymore its now a korean invasion

  31. Weeaboofuck


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    theres literally armpit fetish hentai

  32. LODE


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    26:17 Syndicate Was like most followers for like 4 years no?

  33. Wasak Yo

    Wasak Yo

    Acum an

    Toast reminded me to comment so here is one.

  34. Mr Blaze

    Mr Blaze

    Acum an

    When is Offline TV going to release vods in twtich?

  35. goodguy buy

    goodguy buy

    Acum an

    ay synapse lets go

  36. Danny007


    Acum an

    As soon as they started talking about Apex I went and looked at twitch. Had a 100k viewers more than fortnite. I think it's doing fine without shroud.

  37. JAD


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  38. William Lagerström

    William Lagerström

    Acum an

    Toast i remember specificly that we asked you for showing your legs on stream when you had around 200 viewers xD. I was not dissapoint. :)

  39. SillyClapTrap


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  40. haldir88


    Acum 2 ani

    GenG also got an Overwatchleague Team too so they do have some stuff in america

  41. Hugh Swanson

    Hugh Swanson

    Acum 2 ani

    This was recommended because I watched the latest SKT match. Was this video related to that topic or talked about it?

  42. Jabba Hutt

    Jabba Hutt

    Acum 2 ani

    50:47 kimi??????????? kimiHMMM

  43. Jabba Hutt

    Jabba Hutt

    Acum 2 ani

    40:55 mark looks like he is pissing into the cup lmao, and its yellow

  44. Mr. DLM

    Mr. DLM

    Acum 2 ani

    never knew streamers found it rude when viewers say you look tired lmao. GTA RP has been a thing for a long time, I remember seeing Lirik streaming it last year or 2 years ago and a lot of non interesting subjects imo.

  45. Haou Aryu

    Haou Aryu

    Acum 2 ani

    Hey Mark listening to your podcast when I do my thesis, it's fun and kinda productive cheers!

  46. Arno Massart

    Arno Massart

    Acum 2 ani

    Love the podcast! Love to listen to you guys

  47. Michael C

    Michael C

    Acum 2 ani

    Can you please fix the issue with people slamming the table and it making a terrible thud noise. RIP HEADPHONE USERS

  48. Zolo Amgaabaatar

    Zolo Amgaabaatar

    Acum 2 ani

    Please add this to castbox

  49. TheSaku


    Acum 2 ani

    ngl I wouldn't have liked the video if Toast didn't tell me how much of a dumbass I am for needing to be reminded to like the video... because it's true af

  50. TheSaku


    Acum 2 ani

    Mark looks so fucked up lmao I can't stop looking at him and laughing

  51. Charles Hamilton

    Charles Hamilton

    Acum 2 ani

    tru im pretty dumb heres my comment mark heart me

  52. Darragh Smyth

    Darragh Smyth

    Acum 2 ani

    "Men" "Dong Hangers" don't you mean "The Boys"

  53. Khalitz


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    Toast told me to comment here

  54. Filius


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    *told to like comment subscribe* -Likes Video -Leaves this Comment -accidentally unsubscribes

  55. GM


    Acum 2 ani

    So if you want to troll Albert just dislike his videos and he will lose his shit?

  56. jaime ochoa

    jaime ochoa

    Acum 2 ani

    im not dumb

  57. Soulhope85


    Acum 2 ani

    Allright im dumb. Just realised i wasnt subscribed even though ive been watching since almost the beginning. Thx for the friendly reminder

  58. ObzTicle


    Acum 2 ani

    Arma 3 RP was fun until the admins fucked it. GTA has a large world that allows for a lot, as long as the admins/moderators for the RP run it correctly.

  59. Spise


    Acum 2 ani

    "It's just a little 'fuck you'." He says, completely ignoring the wider consequences of large channels being able to blatantly abuse the DMCA system "for fun".

  60. Eric Connor

    Eric Connor

    Acum 2 ani

    omg yes, Toast in GTA RP with spanish accent would be so funny xD

  61. Valherjar


    Acum 2 ani

    Toast: No Hearthstone girls existed! Hafu: Dies in the distance

  62. Maivillain


    Acum 2 ani

    I know they were joking, but now I legit want to buy Poki's makeup because of how funny that ad was.

  63. lufa tufa

    lufa tufa

    Acum 2 ani

    DisguisedToast is your content

  64. Salomón Meintje

    Salomón Meintje

    Acum 2 ani

    Poki lawfully copystrikes someone who is stealing all her content and all the internet explodes. Fed send DMCAs to people he doesn't like without the intention of wining them and no one bats an eye.

  65. stingler der

    stingler der

    Acum 2 ani

    this OTV podcast thing is pretty cool and im happy that it is on yt, cause i cant want it live....

  66. stingler der

    stingler der

    Acum 2 ani

    This OTV befor the name would be pretty cool IMO

  67. Even broby foss

    Even broby foss

    Acum 2 ani

    i like how the 41 dislikes were probably misclicks. Thinking this way makes my heart warm

  68. lufa tufa

    lufa tufa

    Acum 2 ani

    I TAKE the term scuffed offensive. Ok idc lol

  69. merely tangerine

    merely tangerine

    Acum 2 ani

    mark is really out here making me gayer and gayer

  70. random guy

    random guy

    Acum 2 ani

    lul the poki pallet thing

  71. Maxi Singh

    Maxi Singh

    Acum 2 ani

    Cold one's with the bois 😩🤙

  72. Kitto 312

    Kitto 312

    Acum 2 ani

    Jokes on you I already like the video before I watch it 1:20:41

  73. Shin Nguyen

    Shin Nguyen

    Acum 2 ani

    32:40 about the GTA RP though, Lirik is probably the OG of RP. He used to stream like 2-3h DayZ/Arma BR and then switched to A3L/GTA RP. It just wasn't as popular back then and didn't blow up the way it did now. Now, everyone just joins the bandwagon cause of the crazy viewership. IT WON'T LAST LONG. For us Lirik subs/fans tho, we've been blessed cause we miss his RP days (it's been 2 years). He's been getting 50-70k viewers, but back then it was only 15-30k (aka his usual numbers depending on the game he plays) Lalalalalala \_ E A N B O I S.

  74. Clickbait


    Acum 2 ani

    wait toast and janet broke up?

  75. PRW Panda

    PRW Panda

    Acum 2 ani

    Producers, stop letting them repeat topics (no flame)

  76. Dallas


    Acum 2 ani

    When i finish my studies I'll start streaming and focus on it..I want to become a content creator..And maybe in 1, 2 or 3 years join Offline TV..I know it's hard..But not impossible..Love u guys❤️

  77. Captain Queper

    Captain Queper

    Acum 2 ani

    MarkZ more like MarkZOMBIE LUL

  78. Owen


    Acum 2 ani

    4:33 fed's face when scarra drinks the vodka loool

  79. UpCritsy D

    UpCritsy D

    Acum 2 ani

    So, no one gonna talk about Mark putting eyeshadow all over his lips?? Lololol OK xD

  80. Aldric Joya

    Aldric Joya

    Acum 2 ani

    I would really love for this to be on Podcast apps PLEASSEEEE

  81. Itay Sarig

    Itay Sarig

    Acum 2 ani

    cool video

  82. Luis Casco

    Luis Casco

    Acum 2 ani

    Mark looks like he got into a gang fight

  83. BreakLegosaurus


    Acum 2 ani

    The longer I watch the podcast the more it looks like Mark is haunting Fed xD

  84. BreakLegosaurus


    Acum 2 ani

    Imagine a Skyrim Roleplay server :D

  85. SandsBuisle


    Acum 2 ani

    Kind of hard to like, comment and subscribe when you're already subscribed...

  86. BreakLegosaurus


    Acum 2 ani

    Is Scarra just one big fermented grape? Because the amount of wine'ing he was doing for being on the podcast again was to much.

  87. Silver Light

    Silver Light

    Acum 2 ani


  88. wyrw


    Acum 2 ani

    Why is Toast's name the only one that isn't centered?

    • wyrw


      Acum 2 ani

      @Oona Mäkinen Ty

    • Oona Mäkinen

      Oona Mäkinen

      Acum 2 ani

      It was but they taped over the HS because he changed his name

  89. Slobodan Cvetkovic

    Slobodan Cvetkovic

    Acum 2 ani

    I agree that you should use DMCA take down on someone who is totally ripping your content BUT I see huge ignorance here, basically they are using false DMCA content claims on someone who they don't like, like lets say compilation videos. And the reason I say ignorant is because couple of the OTV members just play ROfilm vids on their streams without almost any commentary and expect that its fine. Don't get me wrong, I like the content mostly and watch them but the ignorance here is just pissing me off. They are basically abusing the copyright system around 50% of the time for some quick dollars and admitting to it. This is why we need better copyright laws, laws that better protect artists but again don't let them fraudulently claim transformative work ( h3h3 basically did a whole video commentary on a ROfilm video and proved it in court). The worst things with those MCN's is that they basically promote fraudulent claims on other people because they know that no one can pay legal fees to defend them selves even if they are in the right. It's just sickening to see that basically content creators are abusing the copyright system like this and they cry if the tables turn on them. But this just proves that we need something like Article 13 ( not its current form OFC). It really is a big problem in this day and age and I do believe if we love the internet as it is we should not let our favorite streamers abuse the system.

  90. Aayush dangol

    Aayush dangol

    Acum 2 ani

    now we know why janet likes toast, hes essentially a cat... plus looks great with makeup on

  91. markus jewell

    markus jewell

    Acum 2 ani

    It says 6 ft toast in the title

  92. Ja fa

    Ja fa

    Acum 2 ani

    Commenting just so Mark can heart and pretend he cares.

  93. Erecy


    Acum 2 ani

    What’s fed second channel?

  94. Michael Economou

    Michael Economou

    Acum 2 ani

    Hey you lookin pretty sexy today, you alright?

  95. Gabriel Baltierra

    Gabriel Baltierra

    Acum 2 ani

    you guys literally showed an inside look at how you treat your audience as a market to be played, multiple slips of the tongue both from scarra and mark, and still your fans love and adore you. if thats not a successful business i dont know what is lmao. good job boys

  96. anna


    Acum 2 ani

    So Mark just hearted my comments in the past to make it look like he interacted, I feel betrayed D:

  97. H3X_BG


    Acum 2 ani

    I watched the whole Podcast. So I already support the OfflineTV more than FED did. Kappa

  98. wisnu


    Acum 2 ani

    I mean, i appreciate/enjoy the post mark, but im not creepy/fetish enough to ask for follow up

  99. wisnu


    Acum 2 ani

    I mean, i appreciate/enjoy the post mark, but im not creepy/fetish enough to ask for follow up

  100. myblindy


    Acum 2 ani

    Look Toast, I didn’t need the reminder to like comment and subscribe!