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  1. OfflineTV


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    nice 👍🏻

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      Birdofprey 395

      Acum 2 luni

      I suggest doing outdoor go-karting :)

    • Karter Klassen

      Karter Klassen

      Acum 6 luni

      if Michael was there, he would attach tasers to the front of the go karts

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      Miguel Rivas

      Acum 7 luni

      Offline TV you forgot the 69

    • Brady Russel

      Brady Russel

      Acum 7 luni

      for the longest time i thought toast’s name was DisgustedToast

  2. Jamey Keller

    Jamey Keller

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  3. Filip


    Acum 2 Zile

    why are they going so slow

  4. Vox Goomba

    Vox Goomba

    Acum 2 Zile

    When I went go-karting I had to get off early since I kept crashing into walls :(

  5. Josuke Higashikata

    Josuke Higashikata

    Acum 5 Zile

    i was playing initial d music in the back

  6. Annah Ruppert

    Annah Ruppert

    Acum 6 Zile

    5:03 feds zooming

  7. Stellar Riot

    Stellar Riot

    Acum 6 Zile

    I started go-kart racing at 9 and I was on a good streak till 12

  8. Halo Genisys

    Halo Genisys

    Acum 6 Zile

    Fed shoulda gotten the 7 kart

  9. Namjoon's purple hat

    Namjoon's purple hat

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    The fact that poki's kart was shaking the entire time X'D

  10. Liven Navfal

    Liven Navfal

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    3:19 The Reason for "0 Broken Bones"

  11. # lihui

    # lihui

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    toast: why dont we stop and smell the flowers...

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  13. Anon Commenter

    Anon Commenter

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    dayuuum Poki thiccc, she got that thiccc booty Edit: Yeah poki's cart was jiggly af ;-)

  14. Darkness Blade

    Darkness Blade

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    12:50 that's toast's "200$ for this?!" face

  15. Screams3030 Fox

    Screams3030 Fox

    Acum 11 Zile

    I bet Lily’s a great driver

  16. KamronO the first

    KamronO the first

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    fed and scara be tearing up the track

  17. Monique Alberto

    Monique Alberto

    Acum 13 Zile

    Damn Fed the "i have never seen a 26 second..." Oof if i was at poki's place that would've hurt

  18. CosmicChicken34


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    god i hate fed so much, hes so annoying. glad he got kicked out

  19. Ashlee Cagampang

    Ashlee Cagampang

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    Toast.. I can't he really is the comedian of the house

  20. Ashlee Cagampang

    Ashlee Cagampang

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    Fed went zooooooooommmmm at the start

  21. Donald Dong

    Donald Dong

    Acum 17 Zile

    As a go kart driver this hurts

  22. Mr. Lee Lee

    Mr. Lee Lee

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    tf when it said 9:58 AM it was 9:58 AM for me too

  23. Vey


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    why the fck i hate scara's face.......



      Acum 11 Zile

      Why so pressed gosh 😂

  24. c


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    fed’s ego was terribly annoying

  25. Baybecam


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    Omg that’s the one I go to !!



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    Pls tell me the music at 7:14

  27. isabella tang

    isabella tang

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    13:03 wait. Toast has such a good nose wtfff

  28. George Munns

    George Munns

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    Scarra. We have the same opinion. FORTNITE CAN GO FUCK ITSELF!

  29. Ced Wicked

    Ced Wicked

    Acum 25 Zile

    if you press the both pedal the kart will take a screenshot

  30. Melody


    Acum 27 Zile

    Literally, I don't trust go karts after I was driving one, when I was 8, and 2 random people bumped into me and made me go spinning into a corner, i ended up getting a seat belt burn on my neck. 💀

  31. maribel Bonilla

    maribel Bonilla

    Acum 27 Zile

    pokimane just bumping the whole way going awawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa

  32. AtotehZ


    Acum lună

    It's interesting to me how many are worried about injuries when racing karts(my mom included). When I was driving the most I practiced around 250 laps a week. While training you have karts that are both faster and slower on the track. So it's really as dangerous as racing. I've also done something like 10-15 races a year for 6 years in a row and 5 races a year after that. This equates to around 115 hours of actual driving a year, in karts that are considerably faster. My worst injury in 20 years of driving? I stubbed a toe when lifting my kart onto the weight after a race. I've been in some insane crashes with karts literally flying and hitting my head, but they didn't result in injury. Helmets work.

  33. Red The Plush

    Red The Plush

    Acum lună

    If Michael was there: 5 people reported dead after short filipino man rigged his go kart to have super speed so he could "oblitarate through everyone on the track". He was last seen riding a roomba with a crackpipe in his mouth, while shooting "ROfilm buddies" at sea turtles.

  34. Add Amazeing

    Add Amazeing

    Acum lună

    How tf did Toast get 2nd place?

  35. lim tinlok

    lim tinlok

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  36. Messy Tuber

    Messy Tuber

    Acum lună

    Fed-SKIIIRT Lily- Im crAShinG Into EvERy CornEr Scarra-Slow and steady wins the race Poki-iM vibrATinG Toast- My camera fell down

  37. SHAde_ 0_ZonE

    SHAde_ 0_ZonE

    Acum lună

    12:49 eggman.exe

  38. Ediz Caglak

    Ediz Caglak

    Acum lună

    how do thy not always wake up at 6 AM like me

  39. DeleteG4mer


    Acum lună

    lily do be the biggest Karen at the end!

  40. Aritra Mukherjee

    Aritra Mukherjee

    Acum lună

    For some reason I find the five of them as the power rangers and the go karts are their zords. XD

  41. Blake Ledbetter

    Blake Ledbetter

    Acum lună

    Fortnite is great

  42. Ian Robledo

    Ian Robledo

    Acum lună

    The first year of Fortnite, I realize it’s a bad game. There’s better games out there, and people are toxic all the time in the game it’s funny. People think the game is fun yet. People cry and get bullied because toxic people are hurting them mentally, and sometimes physically, depending if that person knows where you live. But I don’t think ppl would do that right?

  43. Jozko Kalny

    Jozko Kalny

    Acum lună

    Everyone know that if you have a fingerless glove you are better

  44. Aaliyah Taghoy

    Aaliyah Taghoy

    Acum lună

    Toast is saying no bumping but he really said "its ok to bump respect the rules"hes like to other humans

  45. Ramish Anwar

    Ramish Anwar

    Acum lună

    16:39 Lily pichu is secretly a Karen

  46. David 9-A

    David 9-A

    Acum lună

    What the music name?

  47. Gaming With Gelato

    Gaming With Gelato

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    That looks exactly like a place ive been to

  48. Angelena Suarez-Fanus

    Angelena Suarez-Fanus

    Acum lună

    4:23 regret

  49. Panda & Mole Rat

    Panda & Mole Rat

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  50. Howard Benaya

    Howard Benaya

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    i have the exact same uniqlo shirt as toast

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    Ghost Ghost

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    do more please

  52. DannyL


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    This is toast brain in Among Us now

  53. Happyipad64


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    i dont like pokis movements

  54. siv le

    siv le

    Acum lună

    Did fed just throw up blood? No wonder why I never liked him

  55. Lauren Park

    Lauren Park

    Acum lună

    What’s so funny is toast kept going slow and relaxed but still got 2nd 😂

  56. Edgar Rodriguez

    Edgar Rodriguez

    Acum lună

    They had a injury with the corridor crew where they had third person go cart racing couple years ago. One of them got serious whiplash but came out ok.

  57. simon feuz

    simon feuz

    Acum lună

    Cute how Fed tells other people about their problems.......

    • Monkey Swag

      Monkey Swag

      Acum lună

      I was gonna call him out for that haha

  58. JulDoesStuff


    Acum lună

    I’ve been in one in Long Island

  59. Karthide


    Acum lună

    Lily be driftin and racin tho 9:43

  60. Grant Spikes

    Grant Spikes

    Acum lună

    The song is called so happy



    Acum lună

    we should all give skara a warning cuz he said he thinks fortnite's awful. Like if you agree

  62. Felita Su

    Felita Su

    Acum lună

    Offline tv: says that 10 AM is too early Me: what about 06AM?

  63. DeMiAlca - Random Gaming

    DeMiAlca - Random Gaming

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    You guys should do this again with Mykkul



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    Lily is right about fed causing traffic jam

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    Karen Eri Kiyatake

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    *intro music starts playing* Me: wait a minute, is that the *Labrant family* video?

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    The MicroCoin

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    Wait I go to this go cart place

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    Toast felt like a street racer

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    xuper wize

    Acum lună

    lily and poki are literally so cute

  71. DK Motor Racing NZ

    DK Motor Racing NZ

    Acum lună

    Poki definitely had a flat spot or a bent axle there.

  72. Baldwin xu

    Baldwin xu

    Acum lună

    Ohmygoh let me in ill wipe you all of the map lol

  73. Winter


    Acum lună

    i've actually been to this same place😂😂wow that's weird

  74. LiterateLimpy


    Acum lună

    A really well thought out way to present this video. I really liked the interviews throughout the video.

  75. Marygale Almacen

    Marygale Almacen

    Acum lună

    Im a bit confused why lily didnt get at least 3rd place. She had more laps than toast..

  76. Comma Ranger

    Comma Ranger

    Acum lună

    can they remake this I wanna see Michael crash into everyone

  77. M.I.5


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    i really wish micheal was here

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    otv learn to drive in the most handicapped way

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    lets go a youtuber that thinks fortnites dog shit

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    I love how in every old video all the comments are like "if Michael were there..." Xd

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    It's Josh Alcanzo

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    just missing out fedmyster

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    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 93, time is 4:13pm day 11

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      Acum lună

      what a legend

  84. John Cargille

    John Cargille

    Acum lună

    I loved the Mario Kart podium oh my goodness that was so well-done

  85. Elijah Bryner

    Elijah Bryner

    Acum lună

    I feel like anytime they do something irl it turns into a huge mess😂

  86. Adam Field

    Adam Field

    Acum lună

    Michael would have destroyed in this vid but he wasn’t in there yet

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    Speedy Et

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    Acum lună

    This gives me so much anxiety

  89. XDragon_NoCap


    Acum lună

    Guy should of said no injuries no broken bone or anything I'm my head:only death

  90. JonahTV


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    Even in the first ten seconds I’m agreeing with scarra

  91. Aster Yehtut

    Aster Yehtut

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    Lily can go savage every time she went

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    Johnson Wu

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    Tbh Poki and Lily should have DNF'd

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    Owen Matthew

    Acum 2 luni

    I agree with scarra's statement at the beginning

  94. Dougy Dozier

    Dougy Dozier

    Acum 2 luni

    I did one of these one time and for some reason my car drifted a ton (I went back later and it didn't drift nearly as much if at all so it was a fluke) but it was actually really fun because every turn was a gamble. I could take turns really fast, but I could also completely spin out really easy.

  95. Blaze2903


    Acum 2 luni

    what song?

  96. Jaziel Salaices

    Jaziel Salaices

    Acum 2 luni

    1:15 Fed checks his watch that he doesn't have

  97. Mineral 420

    Mineral 420

    Acum 2 luni

    I like how toast is chill about everything

  98. Mineral 420

    Mineral 420

    Acum 2 luni

    We al know why poki’s kart was shaking

  99. Oliver Bland

    Oliver Bland

    Acum 2 luni

    And what we learned here today is that women can’t drive I’m just joking btw

  100. cloe talplacido

    cloe talplacido

    Acum 2 luni

    Can you guys do go carting but this time micheal makes the go carts and y'all go to an empty parking lot. And the go carts detect race and swear when they bump into things. That would be badass.