OFFLINETV BEACH EPISODE & VOLLEYBALL 🌴 ft. Pokimane, Lilypichu, DisguisedToast, Scarra, Fedmyster

The gang wanted to play some volleyball, and the easiest way to do that is to head to the beach. We thought we prepared for the harsh realities of nature, and boy were we wrong.
OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | lilypichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
Produced / Directed by:
Xell | xelltweets
MarkZ | theemarkz
Shot By:
Albert Chang | THEalbertchang
Edited by:
Juan Ramos
Managed by:
Edison Park | edisonparklive
Assisted by:
Yvonne | yvonnieng
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  1. JJ Gaming

    JJ Gaming

    Acum o Zi

    0:29 is that Mr.Beast?

  2. Pascal Bringer

    Pascal Bringer

    Acum 2 Zile

    3:40 r/killthecameraman

  3. Dark Herobrine

    Dark Herobrine

    Acum 10 Zile

    Respect to Toast and poki for singing canada's national anthem. +5 points for poki for doing it in french

  4. Savage to the Bones

    Savage to the Bones

    Acum 16 Zile

    You remember Fedmyster? Yeah... Me neither.

  5. halley amelia

    halley amelia

    Acum 17 Zile

    When I saw the thumbnail I was like why is there a girl in a swimsuit while the others all dressed like it's winter I guess they just edited a random girl lmao

  6. WilhelmUltimate1


    Acum 19 Zile

    Mmmmm Toast lookin fiinnnneeee!!

  7. Dioseden Anne Pedilla

    Dioseden Anne Pedilla

    Acum 19 Zile

    I wish michael was here tasing the ocean electrocuting them lol.

  8. cloudq_


    Acum 21 o Zi

    youtube algorithm is weird man

  9. seeki busterson

    seeki busterson

    Acum 21 o Zi

    9:26 you only ever eat like that if ur on camera

  10. Marco Lopez

    Marco Lopez

    Acum 22 Zile

    Seagulls Flying Overhead. Cuts to Toast walking back with shit on head

  11. Nicholas Schnee

    Nicholas Schnee

    Acum 25 Zile

    What can I say except *DELETE THIS*

  12. Hiro


    Acum 25 Zile

    Video: beach Everyone's mind: pokimane wet What it was: half of the video was just volleyball

  13. Naga.


    Acum 26 Zile

    Fed built like a truck god dayummm

  14. -_-


    Acum 28 Zile

    scarra cannot run and made the team lose

  15. AJ


    Acum 28 Zile

    as someone who plays volleyball it pains me to watch this but im glad y'all had fun!! (also yes im aware how old this video is)

  16. Mar Asf

    Mar Asf

    Acum lună

    6:03 O canada our home and native land- Imma proud canadian😌

  17. Jim Ma

    Jim Ma

    Acum lună

    its not a real anime without a beach episode

  18. HmmIk


    Acum lună

    I always terrorize people in gta over there

  19. Ana Karla Nelson de Oliveira Maia

    Ana Karla Nelson de Oliveira Maia

    Acum lună


  20. CrabbyPatty


    Acum lună

    Lily when Fed takes his shirt off: 🙀

  21. Margrete Eide

    Margrete Eide

    Acum lună

    6:00 norway gang

  22. 3lliøt


    Acum lună

    I watched it for the plot.....

  23. Kirito kun

    Kirito kun

    Acum lună


  24. Logical_FDYT


    Acum lună

    Are we recording this is crazy you were woth myth this is crazy wow this is crazy it is crazy how many times he said crazy in a row

  25. Logical_FDYT


    Acum lună

    Thumbnail aint clipbait

  26. Contrariar ps

    Contrariar ps

    Acum lună

    All animes have a beach episode

  27. Jesus Correa

    Jesus Correa

    Acum lună

    Hits different nowadays seeing Fed there...

  28. Yandere Kun 1813

    Yandere Kun 1813

    Acum lună

    Oh God its that anime fan service Beach ep.

  29. OverNoiser


    Acum lună

    1:02 when isolated streamers go to beach and find SAND.

  30. King CCbro1

    King CCbro1

    Acum lună

    Jesus and Gods loves

  31. King CCbro1

    King CCbro1

    Acum lună

    God is amazing

  32. King CCbro1

    King CCbro1

    Acum lună

    Jesus is the only way to heaven

  33. Anurag Singh

    Anurag Singh

    Acum lună

    Toast 1:54 already knew about covid19.

  34. Kaylee Ramdhan

    Kaylee Ramdhan

    Acum lună

    i just want to know who made the thumbnail

  35. MW SN

    MW SN

    Acum lună

    Ah yes, my favorite anime.

  36. Justin Manglona

    Justin Manglona

    Acum lună

    I wish we could still do this without worrying about COVID-19. PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK. We are still in a pandemic

  37. Slugba Gaming

    Slugba Gaming

    Acum lună

    the people around can definitely tell your gamers🙂

  38. BatFence


    Acum lună

    Good thing mykull wasn’t there to dump his oil

  39. Sean Castillo

    Sean Castillo

    Acum lună

    Its so crazy seeing people b.c. Now

  40. Noah 140

    Noah 140

    Acum lună

    Surprised there were no mk2s there.

  41. Morgan Dickeson

    Morgan Dickeson

    Acum lună

    this video is basically one big mood

  42. Gustumai


    Acum lună

    Thank God Michael wasn’t in Otv for this video

  43. Priyanka Saha

    Priyanka Saha

    Acum lună

    Fed and Toast made me realize so well that I would rather have someone with great humor instead of physical attractiveness

    • Priyanka Saha

      Priyanka Saha

      Acum lună

      @Jaze Yoo 🙈 i have crush on toast

    • Jaze Yoo

      Jaze Yoo

      Acum lună

      ...Fed??? A-Are you sure?

  44. Psalm Jav

    Psalm Jav

    Acum lună

    Scara just gets run over by toast



    Acum lună

    Every good anime should have at least one beach episode

  46. zєяυ


    Acum lună

    2:56 dang fed it’s okay lol

  47. WhoElseBut Tobi

    WhoElseBut Tobi

    Acum lună

    I jusy realised the chick in the thumbnail is Scarra

  48. Micaiah Douglas

    Micaiah Douglas

    Acum lună

    oof this did not age well

  49. DP 016

    DP 016

    Acum lună

    thought i could see pokmane in bikii dissapointed noisessss

  50. Joe Tidwell

    Joe Tidwell

    Acum lună

    I love how the guy only recognized poki😂😂😂

  51. jamie h

    jamie h

    Acum lună

    2021 and this vid suddenly on my recommendation

  52. Oof Himself

    Oof Himself

    Acum lună

    anyonlse cried when bubba died in forest gump

  53. Ifty ZMN

    Ifty ZMN

    Acum lună

    *Me thinking I was gonna see some Haikyuu IRL* Me sees the video: *Big Angry Noises*

  54. Ziyu Sang

    Ziyu Sang

    Acum lună

    my life sucks compared to theirs

  55. Rønii Owens

    Rønii Owens

    Acum lună

    yvonne is so smol here

  56. _joaquin_


    Acum lună

    to all the comments saying this hasn't aged well, why not?

    • Timinator


      Acum lună

      Fedmyster did the big nono to Yvonne

  57. NawatzeBH


    Acum 2 luni

    is this the anime beach episode every anime gets but for offlinetv seems legit

  58. Dustin Berends

    Dustin Berends

    Acum 2 luni

    Fed looks like an athlete but he's so uncoordinated it's funny

  59. Random Narwal

    Random Narwal

    Acum 2 luni

    Thx I guess ROfilm

  60. dylan ramnauth

    dylan ramnauth

    Acum 2 luni

    and they said gamers couldn't go outside

  61. A Goose

    A Goose

    Acum 2 luni

    This didn’t age well...

  62. Ders a snake in ma boots

    Ders a snake in ma boots

    Acum 2 luni

    Actual cringe

  63. Ana Reilly

    Ana Reilly

    Acum 2 luni

    4:22 I couldn't tell if the sound was Lily yelling in victory or if it was a seagull lol

  64. Gl1tch_ Boi

    Gl1tch_ Boi

    Acum 2 luni

    I thought this was Haikyuu

  65. aotds


    Acum 2 luni

    fed was the douchebag jock of the group

  66. PapaKilo -27

    PapaKilo -27

    Acum 2 luni

    scarra flopping on the beach is the funniest thing

  67. Takeover


    Acum 2 luni

    This is cringe

  68. euvellia


    Acum 2 luni

    0:53 LITERALLY every girl tryna show their ass

  69. Chelsea Ariella

    Chelsea Ariella

    Acum 2 luni

    feels weird watching them go outside without a mask

  70. Lane Hunter

    Lane Hunter

    Acum 2 luni

    I didn't know chandler was in otv

  71. typicalpro.


    Acum 2 luni

    the reasons poki's team lost is because the had dno lebro and hey also had no defense

  72. Raya Riot

    Raya Riot

    Acum 2 luni

    Yes youtube thanks for recommending this

  73. Addison Wendt

    Addison Wendt

    Acum 2 luni

    The guy's reaction was so cute I thought it was so funny when he said "You play with Myth right?"

  74. CrabbyPatty


    Acum 2 luni

    "We thought we prepared for the harsh realities of nature" *When you're so removed from society that even breathing fresh air is too difficult*

  75. Luke Vickery

    Luke Vickery

    Acum 2 luni

    Lets have the 2020 Version, where Michael brings his 25 Crude Oil Barrels

    • Hugh Blanchard

      Hugh Blanchard

      Acum 7 Zile

      @Lark Altaccount I agree

    • Lark Altaccount

      Lark Altaccount

      Acum 16 Zile

      fuck the turtles

    • Qasim Sarwar

      Qasim Sarwar

      Acum 16 Zile

      And dUmPs it inTo thE oCeAn

    • Wong Cayven

      Wong Cayven

      Acum lună


  76. BLITZER12X


    Acum 2 luni

    I thought Scarra got a Heart Attack 0:33

  77. Benoit Coderre

    Benoit Coderre

    Acum 2 luni

    I am french and i can acualy say that poki did the first part well

  78. TNM_ Strider

    TNM_ Strider

    Acum 2 luni

    3:55 Probably a Haikyuu Fan (I think I spelt it wrong)

  79. Sean Dela peña

    Sean Dela peña

    Acum 2 luni

    Hey ROfilm wtf is this 0:50

  80. Odalis Reyes

    Odalis Reyes

    Acum 2 luni

    I never knew I needed to see poki recreating the slow motion scene from a beach guard movie in my life but here we are 🚶🏽‍♂️

  81. swager devle

    swager devle

    Acum 2 luni

    Y she no have skinny bikini 👙

  82. Marley Matthews

    Marley Matthews

    Acum 2 luni

    yovvon is outside

  83. HamDog?


    Acum 2 luni

    Who puts Daddy Scawwa's head on a girl😂😂

  84. Vox Goomba

    Vox Goomba

    Acum 2 luni

    why the f are they playing volleyball in december?

  85. Yazank123 Kahla

    Yazank123 Kahla

    Acum 2 luni

    That thumbnail tho💀😂

  86. Bridget C.

    Bridget C.

    Acum 2 luni

    I love how they all collectively *suck* at volleyball.

  87. stargate151


    Acum 2 luni

    i see volleyball in the title, i click (also, watching this in 2020 is a bit painful )

  88. temere faciemus

    temere faciemus

    Acum 2 luni

    Toast thicc with 4 c’s

  89. MyNameIsNotShort


    Acum 2 luni

    Toast and scares are so hot 🥵🥶🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥱😎😎🥶🥶🥵🥶🥵🥶🥶🥶🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵👹🍇🦘🥱🍇🔥🥶😎😎🥵🔥

  90. Jacob Lynch

    Jacob Lynch

    Acum 2 luni

    No offense to you guys but try living in Montana we see negative degree weather every year.

  91. John Dino

    John Dino

    Acum 2 luni

    Got this in my recommendation I came for toasts ass 😂

  92. Jaiizwaii


    Acum 2 luni

    That looks like an 60evil Asian lady

  93. Defaultyy


    Acum 2 luni

    I mean I’m not gay but toast make me wanna go gay

  94. nathaniel martin

    nathaniel martin

    Acum 2 luni

    When streamers actually leave the house 😂

  95. Gibus Llama

    Gibus Llama

    Acum 2 luni

    Every good anime has the beach episode

  96. Vincent Aparicio

    Vincent Aparicio

    Acum 2 luni

    I can't believe you guys are acting like this during a pandemic smh

  97. Hellfire


    Acum 2 luni

    cant believe this was 2 years ago i still remember this being uploaded

  98. InquisitiveRaven


    Acum 2 luni

    This did not age well

  99. quinn arran

    quinn arran

    Acum 2 luni

    I’m surprised there aren’t any poki simps in the comments

  100. Bitch Feliz navidad

    Bitch Feliz navidad

    Acum 2 luni

    Why can I smell the ocean