With the "epic" conclusion of Game of Thrones series & season 8 finale last night, we remember the series fondly through the only way we know how, Kill Marry Smash!
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LilyPichu | lilypichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
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Xell | xelltweets
MarkZ | theemarkz
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  1. Phillip Birech

    Phillip Birech

    Acum 6 Zile

    ah i see poki was ok with rape no wonder she was in love with fed

  2. GreenMana09


    Acum lună

    im convinced this is before the last season

  3. Zenn Marie Comia

    Zenn Marie Comia

    Acum lună

    Lily's right. Sansa became the Queen of Winterfell.

  4. Aithan Shenir

    Aithan Shenir

    Acum 2 luni

    Yooooo Lily predicted the queen of the North

  5. Bridget Golubinski

    Bridget Golubinski

    Acum 2 luni

    how did i have all the same answers as Poki

  6. Luca Fusillo

    Luca Fusillo

    Acum 2 luni

    Smash poki, marry lily, kill fed

  7. BigbyWolf


    Acum 2 luni

    Me: R1:Kill:drogo, smash:oberyn, marry:jaime R2:kill:joffrey, smash:ramsey, marry:euron R3:kill:melisandra, smash:brienne, marry:arya R4:kill:edward stark, smash:jon snow, marry:robb stark R5:kill:sansa stark, smash:cersei lannister, marry:daenerys R6:kill:jorah mormont smash:davos marry:tywin(since tywin loved his wife so much that all his warm side were buried with her)

  8. Darklord6832


    Acum 3 luni

    Fed: I'd smash Da- Toast: SMASH

  9. Makayla Bader

    Makayla Bader

    Acum 3 luni

    Knowing everything now, smash Poki, kill Fed, and marry Lily. All the way.

  10. Tajon Cannella

    Tajon Cannella

    Acum 3 luni

    Lmao ned umber was on a channel called epic toast

  11. Rodent mama

    Rodent mama

    Acum 3 luni

    I just finished GoT it was so good

  12. Stefano Gomez

    Stefano Gomez

    Acum 3 luni

    MARRY LILY smash spoopi KILL FED

  13. Adam Barker

    Adam Barker

    Acum 3 luni

    11:48 Jorah hasn't sold enough slaves to be considered a bad person according to Poki.

  14. Newbornadult


    Acum 4 luni

    Lily would be Olenna Tyrell 100% LMAO

  15. captainpucko


    Acum 4 luni

    13:15 is why Poki would be Daenerys

  16. Nooblordtv


    Acum 4 luni

    kill Lily, smash Fed, marry Poki

  17. Ruata Hmar

    Ruata Hmar

    Acum 4 luni

    Toasts looks great here man

  18. nekekaminger


    Acum 4 luni

    I would definitely marry Joffrey. You know, the guy kind of has a history of not surviving his weddings....

  19. wick prongs

    wick prongs

    Acum 4 luni

    the fact that yall left out margaery tyrell is a crime



    Acum 4 luni

    Everyone's logic with Joffrey Ramsay and euron being "who's the least evil" and I'm just sitting here like "if I'm going to pick between 3 assholes I'm obviously going to marry the one that has a Kingdom".... That was my logic with cersei too.... Huh maybe I'd fit right in on GoT after all

    • emimonsterlicious


      Acum 4 luni

      I feel like TV show euron wouldn't be so bad as long as you're not his enemy. He's not the totally batshit euron of the books.

  21. Ryoma Hoffman

    Ryoma Hoffman

    Acum 5 luni

    Kill Fed, marry Lily, SMASH Poki

  22. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 84, time is 3:40pm day 7

  23. Mr. Wiggler

    Mr. Wiggler

    Acum 5 luni

    Coming back to watch this after watching the ending of Game of Thrones, really is a different type of entertaining.

  24. Luis R.

    Luis R.

    Acum 5 luni

    Bi/Pan people be thriving honestly 😩

  25. Pantelis Konst

    Pantelis Konst

    Acum 5 luni

    -Poki "Rape is wrong i'm gonna kill Khal Drogo" -Fed "I feel like if he f**k me i wouldn't be able to walk for my rest of my life" then poki is like "I changed my mind i'm gonna let him f**k my brains out"

  26. Stefan Andjelic

    Stefan Andjelic

    Acum 5 luni

    Can't believe Lily and i have like the 100% same thought process.

  27. Jae


    Acum 5 luni

    I love that Lily was right about Sansa QUEEN OF THE NORTH 👑

  28. Sibz561


    Acum 6 luni

    Poki: whatimsayingisheshotbuthispersonalityandactionsarenotwhatimthinkingof. Just say you want some, we get it

  29. Caleb Flatt

    Caleb Flatt

    Acum 6 luni

    Marry poke smash lily kill fed

  30. BUSH


    Acum 6 luni

    Anyone who says any thing other than M Poki, K Fed, and S Lily is wrong.

  31. chungoo


    Acum 6 luni

    Kill Fed Smash Lily Marry Poki

  32. Jordan DeShan

    Jordan DeShan

    Acum 7 luni


  33. Weebo Lord

    Weebo Lord

    Acum 7 luni

    I would smash wun wun the giant

  34. Hunter T

    Hunter T

    Acum 7 luni

    Euron in the books would give her a baby and sacrifice them both to use the power of the king's blood

  35. φεγγαρακι


    Acum 7 luni

    They wrote john with an 'h'... *bruh*

  36. Ethan Castillo

    Ethan Castillo

    Acum 8 luni

    jiffy is good to those who are good to I'm and who's family are not traders

  37. Kirk Patrik Ballares

    Kirk Patrik Ballares

    Acum 8 luni

    Lily: I wanna marry Ramsay Aged like fucking wine, shes dating Michael Reeves .

  38. SliFeR


    Acum 8 luni

    Good old days

  39. misterwolf


    Acum 8 luni

    2:16 well fed is still alive

  40. Jaques à dit

    Jaques à dit

    Acum 8 luni

    Ok so like, this episode is the epitome of Bi rights and I love it 😂

  41. Elliot Zider

    Elliot Zider

    Acum 8 luni

    Kill fed, smash poki, and marry lily

  42. nuller87


    Acum 9 luni

    The Queen of dragons good personality? She's clearly a psychotic power hungry maniac pretty much from season 4 on ahead. She kills more people than anyone else in that series. Yep.. awesome personality.

  43. kanrai


    Acum 9 luni

    tbh killing tywin was big sad. in the books and show , his deep affection for his wife, joanna were very very prominent. leading him to hating tyrion for being the indirect cause of her death. tywin is loyal af (at least to his family)

  44. I Got Feathers

    I Got Feathers

    Acum 9 luni

    "Alright, so the last guy, uhh... he´s a rapist." Poki: "LEMME SMASH"

  45. B! ll

    B! ll

    Acum 9 luni

    Dude Jaime just gonna smash then leave for kings landing

  46. Threeze


    Acum 10 luni

    Is fed gaaaay??????

  47. Tom R

    Tom R

    Acum 10 luni

    They spelt Jon Snow wrong

  48. Victor2126


    Acum 10 luni

    Poki has literally the same facial expressions as Emilia Clarke, especially the smile

  49. Alice Ann

    Alice Ann

    Acum 10 luni

    Lily predicted the ending of GoT

  50. jesus juan

    jesus juan

    Acum 11 luni

    Marry poki Smash lily Kill that dud

  51. G Cardona

    G Cardona

    Acum 11 luni

    Kill Fed, cus im straigth, Marry Poki, Smash Lily. 🤔

  52. Abe Chan

    Abe Chan

    Acum 11 luni

    so...... coughs...marry poki.. smash fed, and sadly have to keel lily

  53. Ace Bolick

    Ace Bolick

    Acum an

    Smash Fed Marry Lily Kill Poki

  54. RandomHatGuy


    Acum an

    I think we all know the smash marry kill of poki fed and Lilly

  55. pedro gaston

    pedro gaston

    Acum an

    i’m dying pedro pascal\obren martel is my uncle

  56. Shannon T

    Shannon T

    Acum an

    Marry Joffrey (another Purple wedding with rewards), f Euron, and kill Ramsey. Ramsey was by far the most hands on dangerous. Edit: This makes a difference for books versus show, but Rob didn’t love Jeyne Poole.

  57. Demon Angel2001

    Demon Angel2001

    Acum an

    If you can't walk for a week I call it a win

  58. lilwallaby ttv

    lilwallaby ttv

    Acum an

    Is fed bi ? If he is he has all my support!

  59. The- Bam

    The- Bam

    Acum an

    7:13 toast: Dude shes hot have you seen her boobs? 😂

  60. Rune Bråten Lundberg

    Rune Bråten Lundberg

    Acum an

    Marry Toast, smash Toast, kill the rest, Toast life boiiiis

  61. Cyrus Castro

    Cyrus Castro

    Acum an

    Poki: Daenerys is BOMB, Cersei is pure evil Me: *Flashbacks of Daenerys destroying cersei's place* Yup, Daenerys' personaliy is bomb.

  62. LawrenciuM


    Acum an

    Marry Lily, Smash Fed, Kill Poki

  63. Hillix_TV


    Acum an

    kill poki smash fed marry lily ......sorry poki lol

  64. Suwwi


    Acum an

    Marry Poki, Smash Fed, Kill Lily, Adopt Toast.

  65. Rob Quinn

    Rob Quinn

    Acum an

    i have that mouse

  66. Erik Jarl

    Erik Jarl

    Acum an

    Kill Fed, Smash Poki, Marry Lily. Easiest game of my life.

  67. Being sober Is BS

    Being sober Is BS

    Acum an

    Kill fed Marry Lilly Smash poki

  68. nott_hectorrr


    Acum an

    I thought the thumbnail was kill my self

  69. Dorohedoro


    Acum an

    Smash Poki, Kill Fed (sorry bro), Marry Lily

  70. oofinator9000


    Acum an

    She seriously said daenarys had a good personality daenarys was a phsycopath

  71. SimpleController Player

    SimpleController Player

    Acum an

    Fred your gay lmao

  72. TEN ZREX


    Acum an


  73. Dixutfo Harambe

    Dixutfo Harambe

    Acum an

    Kill Khal Drogo get the respect of the Dothraki = free army.

  74. Shawn Koh

    Shawn Koh

    Acum an

    Lily: Daenerys , smasher of lily

  75. Selena Lee

    Selena Lee

    Acum an

    Marry Poki, Smash Fed & Kill Lily

  76. wreckitralf 2006

    wreckitralf 2006

    Acum an

    Melissandra is dutch

  77. Negrito Feito

    Negrito Feito

    Acum an

    Go to 5:24 and listen carefully

  78. Negrito Feito

    Negrito Feito

    Acum an

    Ppl will hate me,but what if Poki and toast ,not fed but toast. Wut if they date. Also. Fed is listening carefully to wut poki says bout the characters she gets.

  79. VesperSAINT


    Acum an

    10:17 *leans back* "ask me anything" *sunglasses slowly fall down* "thug life"

  80. Helen Keller

    Helen Keller

    Acum an

    9:56 pokis waifu is dead big yikes

  81. Davide Mura

    Davide Mura

    Acum an

    I totally lost it at 1:52

  82. Mark Lingfa

    Mark Lingfa

    Acum an

    10:34 Wait a minute.. She did it..

    • im hulki

      im hulki

      Acum an


  83. Giovanni Mateo-Ramos

    Giovanni Mateo-Ramos

    Acum an

    I’m late as fuck BUT, Kill Poki , SMASSSSHH LILY and of course Marry Fed

  84. Sad Machine

    Sad Machine

    Acum an

    Kill poki marry fed and smash lily ÷

  85. Ant


    Acum an

    Jorah = Tier 3 sub 😂😂😂 so true

  86. Multi fandom Edits

    Multi fandom Edits

    Acum an

    2:58 I can’t 😂🤣

  87. Bringer OD

    Bringer OD

    Acum an

    4:54 just making sure: it is illegal to kill people!

  88. Onix


    Acum an

    If GoT was an Anime Rob would have been op!

  89. Zaezae


    Acum an

    Smash poki, kill fed, marry lily❤️

  90. ketsu Hozuki

    ketsu Hozuki

    Acum an

    kill fed smash lily mary poki ez pz [if i was a girl kill lily smash fed mary poki]

  91. Noah Hlas

    Noah Hlas

    Acum an

    I used to think Fed was a homie until he chose to kill Sansa and marry cerci instead, wtf man

  92. word dog

    word dog

    Acum an

    Joffrey is easily the nicest characters out of Ramsey and Euron. Sspecially compared to book Euron.

  93. Diego Ascorbe

    Diego Ascorbe

    Acum an

    Liked the vid just bc of that Kanye lyric 😂😂

  94. awyaa


    Acum an

    Smash lily,marry poki and kill fed >:))

  95. Whoops


    Acum an

    Watching this after season 8 feelsbadman Can we all just forget that ever happend

  96. Jeret Kure

    Jeret Kure

    Acum an

    "I drink wine and I know things"

  97. FreddySkills_


    Acum an

    Daenerys hmm Insta fuck her xddddd

  98. Collat


    Acum an

    Smash fed marry toast kill poki.

  99. Okazaki Fragments

    Okazaki Fragments

    Acum an

    Anyone know who made the outro beat?

  100. Vec


    Acum an

    Smash Poki, Kill Fed, Marry Lily