After alerting the gaurds, the party must battle their way into the cave to attempt to save the kidnapped humans. As Pokimane, Fedmyster, Scarra, DisguisedToast, & Lilypichu explore the caves, danger is around every corner.
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Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
Produced by:
Xell | xelltweets
MarkZ | theemarkz
Directed / Animated by:
Brodin Plett | brodinplett
Shot By:
Albert Chang | THEalbertchang
Juan Ramos
Edited by:
Joe Booroojian
Brodin Plett
Intro Music by:
TJ Brown | tjbrownmusic
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Edison Park | edisonparklive
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  1. GeninGeo


    Acum 17 Zile

    34:16 Thats our comfy. Doesnt let her feeling get in the way of what needs to be done.

  2. GeninGeo


    Acum 17 Zile

    lily is pm'is b4 pm'is

  3. Shyam Murugan

    Shyam Murugan

    Acum 24 Zile

    For a gambler, scarra's character is overly cautious

  4. Justin Hao

    Justin Hao

    Acum 25 Zile

    why couldn't ugg kill the landlord if he lifted up a horse and threw it?

  5. ForMilosSake


    Acum lună

    so we not gonna talk about the your lie in april opening

  6. the celtic saiyan

    the celtic saiyan

    Acum lună

    imagine not having dark vision in d and d

  7. STORM_ShdwZ


    Acum lună


  8. STORM_ShdwZ


    Acum lună


  9. STORM_ShdwZ


    Acum lună


  10. Hazey iLLusionz

    Hazey iLLusionz

    Acum lună

    10:57 vague goblin slayer reference

  11. fallen Spartan

    fallen Spartan

    Acum lună

    For the chimney part why couldn't the Wizard put "light" on Lily is arrow then she could've shot it upwards the chimney

  12. Paradox


    Acum lună

    What is the name of the intro song

  13. Basil Fabian

    Basil Fabian

    Acum lună

    Last round was dead horse and one dead wolves 😂

  14. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 2 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 74, time is 4:16pm day 5

  15. Malik Abiff

    Malik Abiff

    Acum 2 luni

    best anime opening!!!!!!!!

  16. Nascent


    Acum 2 luni

    Poor wolves they killed them for no reason

  17. Daniel gonzalez

    Daniel gonzalez

    Acum 2 luni

    Ugg is my favorite

  18. Thai Phu

    Thai Phu

    Acum 4 luni

    15:18 me in math class

  19. Ryan Rech

    Ryan Rech

    Acum 4 luni

    Who else is still jamming to this intro in 2020?

  20. Nick Kusters

    Nick Kusters

    Acum 4 luni

    Those nat 1's could have been used for more fun; "Viv shoots an arrow in her foot", "Levi lunges at the wolf, trips, and the wolf bites him, giving him rabies where he takes a D4 damage every hour untill healed (or dies)".

  21. Chris Duarte

    Chris Duarte

    Acum 5 luni

    Lily pisses me off

  22. Don’t Know Gaming

    Don’t Know Gaming

    Acum 6 luni

    What are they pointing and looking at

  23. blank undefinded

    blank undefinded

    Acum 6 luni

    What color dragon is the dragonborn

  24. Jv Du

    Jv Du

    Acum 6 luni

    Which app and program are they using?

  25. Mc poisoned water

    Mc poisoned water

    Acum 6 luni

    Sarra ex

  26. Jake Kahl

    Jake Kahl

    Acum 7 luni

    these poor fucking dogs man... wtf..

  27. king Ish

    king Ish

    Acum 7 luni

    The intro is dope 👌

  28. Darthwing Xodius

    Darthwing Xodius

    Acum 9 luni

    25:12 this made me lol

  29. Joshua Salles

    Joshua Salles

    Acum 9 luni

    dank, least out post Santa Barbara will fill my d&d desire for the moment

  30. charles


    Acum 9 luni

    22:55 "great windage, perfect consistency"

  31. アリーア


    Acum 9 luni

    So fed is a rogue who is edgy, then he keep getting injured (he got injured by a chained wolf, it freeking chained) and screwing up? What a useless character xD

  32. Jake Kotter

    Jake Kotter

    Acum 9 luni

    What's the thing you use to show them on the adventure

  33. Sagecraft


    Acum 9 luni

    josh is my god

  34. sillyswan


    Acum 10 luni

    in 16:11 you can see when lily is opening her phone now I know what it is

  35. Tazed Ginger

    Tazed Ginger

    Acum 10 luni

    25:40 imo that wolf would have broken neck from getting stopped by the chain

  36. LoopDeLoop


    Acum 10 luni

    Seeing Scarra glaze over when Tides of Chaos was explained to him was hilarious, and then learning he took Chaos Bolt (one of the wordiest 1st level spells in the book) was the cherry on top

  37. Henry Hirschler

    Henry Hirschler

    Acum 11 luni

    33:20 Was that intentional or...

  38. Aiden Herman

    Aiden Herman

    Acum 11 luni

    Xell just casually doing pen tricks the whole episode lul

  39. Arkaon Gaming

    Arkaon Gaming

    Acum 11 luni

    I think Scarra found some weird shrooms in the cave 15:25

  40. Ruptu'


    Acum 11 luni

    When Alunar went up the chimney he had the light sword so he could see

  41. BlankSauce


    Acum 11 luni

    no one gonna talk about the typos in the description?

  42. king jelly

    king jelly

    Acum 11 luni

    the amount of dislikes is nice.

  43. IyrnRay


    Acum 11 luni

    I still don’t understand why viviana is so short as an elf

  44. SethyMcdo


    Acum 11 luni

    michael reeves would be perfect as a dungeon master or a character they should do this again with michael :PP

    • ShowBox Bacon

      ShowBox Bacon

      Acum 4 luni

      I have good news for you bud

    • egg


      Acum 8 luni

      This aged greatly

  45. DARK DUBSTEP2017


    Acum 11 luni

    Bro anyone thinks this intro song is fire🔊🎶 I just noticed that feds hands really feckin white

  46. turtle 911

    turtle 911

    Acum 11 luni

    hopefully a new campaign comes with Micheal

    • HammerGames


      Acum 9 luni

      Micheal would be chaotic evil for sure and it would be amazing

    • Cooking with Ben

      Cooking with Ben

      Acum 11 luni

      Yes please

  47. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

    Acum 11 luni

    Noone: Scaara: "I strangle the chained up dog with lightning." Edit- Also Scaara: "Can i shove the bodies of the dead wolves up the chimney." holy fucking shit im dying XD

  48. TheCyanGamer


    Acum 11 luni

    Four awesome characters... And then just Ugg

  49. Damion Allen

    Damion Allen

    Acum 11 luni

    I like this it seems cool

  50. shadesbane1


    Acum 11 luni

    This is such awesome content, ever since Ugg decided to pick up then horse I look forward to his turn. I noticed a mistake though, Poki and Toast both said they attacked the uninjured wolf but the animation and dungeon master had them attack the injured wold instead.

  51. Eric Hui Athletics

    Eric Hui Athletics

    Acum an

    i can barely understand what they're saying but this is amazing

  52. oni.on_boi


    Acum an

    Not to criticize, but lily and toast both could have attempted to tame the wolves as a paladin and bard

    • oni.on_boi


      Acum 11 luni

      @Bog Water they don't particularly NEED to, but they both could instead of just killing them and stuffing them in a chimney

    • Bog Water

      Bog Water

      Acum 11 luni

      It is their characters why does their class make them need to tame the wolves?

  53. Additya Si

    Additya Si

    Acum an

    Ugg killed 4 actually. 2 with horse. 1 with javelin. 1 with smash

  54. Click


    Acum an

    Lol scarra seems so lost.😂😂😭

  55. Sandwalker97


    Acum an

    15:30 me thinking about my entire life

  56. jchranger13


    Acum an

    Sounds like a Naruto Opening with all the friendship.

  57. Tryck


    Acum an

    Theodore and Ugg shoving the dead wolf bodys in the chimney was the funniest shit ever

  58. chonza fuentes

    chonza fuentes

    Acum an

    25:13 poor wolf...just kill it already...XD...

  59. FredeSS


    Acum an

    I'm so happy that Toast chose to be Ugg

  60. The2KXperience


    Acum an

    Lily: You're dumb and you have no parents! Goblin: I can't take this anymore! I miss them too much! I'm coming home mom and dad! _Goblin slits his own throat_ Lily: _Maniacal laughter_

  61. Jaime Gonzalez Jr.

    Jaime Gonzalez Jr.

    Acum an

    This is awesome af

  62. PanakinAnakin


    Acum an

    Ugg can literally defy physics lmao!

  63. Redeemed Exile

    Redeemed Exile

    Acum an

    how do they have +5 to hit??

  64. Kirbytrax


    Acum an

    Fed is so boring... he literally just attacks, nothing else. He adds nothing to the video

  65. Jordan Morris

    Jordan Morris

    Acum an

    How did you guys use the computer for diagrams? Program?

  66. domanick desjardins

    domanick desjardins

    Acum an

    5:38 ugg has killed 4 goblins 2 with the horse 1 with the javilen and 1 with the maul

  67. kinglp


    Acum an

    I listened to this whilst doing something else, being called Levi is throwing me the fuck off.

  68. Fr0sTy


    Acum an

    This would make a pretty good anime

  69. Strandayy


    Acum an

    Ugg op af

  70. Chitoge Kirisaki

    Chitoge Kirisaki

    Acum an

    This opening is dope

  71. Xarles Cruz

    Xarles Cruz

    Acum an

    Why do I feel like this cave adventure sounds like “Goblin Slayer”?

  72. Brody Ciscel

    Brody Ciscel

    Acum an

    Low-k pressed that scarra keeps on looking stuff up on his phone

  73. Buba


    Acum an

    At 18:24 you can really see Fed is into this

  74. n0va 22334

    n0va 22334

    Acum an

    The into song is so good!

  75. Jitzau Sahjou

    Jitzau Sahjou

    Acum an

    Lily is so confused at why they are going up the chimney but I'm confused at why they went into the forest in the first place they are definitely not getting payed with that terrible shipping time.

  76. GriffE_IS _Spiffy

    GriffE_IS _Spiffy

    Acum an

    this Is epic

  77. TheFatKid128


    Acum an

    scarra at 16min is me every session

  78. K M

    K M

    Acum an

    Toast's luck is insane with the dice rolls

  79. Jel1ow


    Acum an


  80. Første gang jeg prøver Ha-hvidvin

    Første gang jeg prøver Ha-hvidvin

    Acum an

    These are amazing

  81. S Downcast

    S Downcast

    Acum an

    15:23 - 16:00 i LOVE the edits on scarras thinking face :D

  82. Alphandom


    Acum an

    I feel like I’m watching an actual anime..

  83. ZacRedEye


    Acum an

    I have no parents 😢

  84. raystrife234


    Acum an

    Ugg is the people's champion

  85. SimpAES


    Acum an

    No one: Toast/Ugg: **natural 20 attack onto goblin** :)

  86. Pepega


    Acum an


  87. Tyler CSM

    Tyler CSM

    Acum an

    The scarra part made me die of laughter

  88. Simão Gomes

    Simão Gomes

    Acum an

    Xell got the moves with that pen

  89. Hearth


    Acum an


  90. Leo Choi

    Leo Choi

    Acum an

    Ugg > hulk

  91. Leo Choi

    Leo Choi

    Acum an

    Toast killed 4 goblins 2 with the horse 1 with his javelin and 1 with his hammer

  92. Tharang S

    Tharang S

    Acum an

    I really love the fire emblem style fight scenes

  93. Laith Badran

    Laith Badran

    Acum an

    Love the sticker on the alienware logo

  94. Sophia


    Acum an

    Rip Levi lmao

  95. The GloriousKing

    The GloriousKing

    Acum an

    this could be a really good anime tbh

  96. Cort Tharp

    Cort Tharp

    Acum an

    I cant get over the intro its so good i could watch it over and over again

  97. TheFox_Dude


    Acum an

    great theme song you should make it on itunes

  98. tanthan


    Acum an

    Came back here for the chimney scene

  99. Shae the Guitar Boy

    Shae the Guitar Boy

    Acum an

    I'd love to see Poki and Toast yeet Scarra up the damn chimney XD

  100. Frugalbear Films

    Frugalbear Films

    Acum an

    i think this is the same quest that upupdowndown did