GTA RP, Sekiro & Stadia - OfflineTV Podcast #7 ft. Toast, Pokimane, Albert, Yvonne

For this episode of of the OfflineTV podcast, we are joined by DisguisedToast, Pokimane, Albert, Yvonne & (eventually) Lilypichu. We talk about a bunch of the new games & crazes (GTA RP anyone) on twitch right now.
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Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
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Xell | xelltweets
MarkZ | theemarkz
Sean Suyeda | _seanic
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Juan Ramos
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  1. Mugsby


    Acum 3 luni

    Loooool I'm pretty sure Poki's GTA RP character dominated Markiplier's (Stan the Water Man) by stepping on his balls lmao. She was told he was into being stepped on lmao and he almost died

  2. hawkhero 2

    hawkhero 2

    Acum 3 luni

    A small humble request: Stop hitting the table, please :) I kept freaking out thinking that my neighbor is hitting my wall

    • Grace Jey

      Grace Jey

      Acum 2 luni

      This is legit from last year

  3. john3boii


    Acum 5 luni

    I love how these are grown people are still afraid to say n*gga because they could called a racist so they still refer to as the n word 😂

    • Grace Jey

      Grace Jey

      Acum 2 luni

      Maybe they just don't want to be racist, everyone has morals

  4. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 73, time is 2:53pm day 5

    • xxiv


      Acum 14 Zile

      haha saw this comment on other videos hahahaha

  5. Ankit Lama

    Ankit Lama

    Acum 5 luni

    I think toast was talking about ninja

  6. Pebbles -_-

    Pebbles -_-

    Acum 8 luni

    How come no one asked mimi any questions

  7. Michael Dougherty

    Michael Dougherty

    Acum 9 luni

    My favorite person to use the Pokimane pallet is TwoMad

  8. Rahin Ambia

    Rahin Ambia

    Acum an

    Or shoe

  9. Rahin Ambia

    Rahin Ambia

    Acum an

    A pewdiepie chair

  10. TheUnrider


    Acum an

    54:55 facebook heared you

  11. wakowjakow


    Acum an

    Looks like toast got what he asked for, now he gets to cash in on some Facebook streamer money

  12. Vullture


    Acum an

    Just happened to be watching this a couple of days after Toast moved to Facebook so the talk around 55:00 mins in was interesting



    Acum an

    wait, the podcasts Aren't on Spotify? 😢

  14. Tim Van-Young

    Tim Van-Young

    Acum an


  15. Calvin Yee

    Calvin Yee

    Acum an


  16. trumy


    Acum an

    egirl is a great insult cus grills get really upsett... works better if u say somthing like "yo egirl, can u let your boyfriend play again?"

  17. xjxmxsx


    Acum an

    why are there no more podcasts on yt :c

  18. Gothmor Siwucha

    Gothmor Siwucha

    Acum an

    Wow very interesting topic. Reaction- " They are really talking with sens"

  19. Nate Banker

    Nate Banker

    Acum an

    Boosted players plague overwatch so badly

  20. White Boy TFT

    White Boy TFT

    Acum an

    17:11 We coo Poki?

  21. Grey Way

    Grey Way

    Acum an

    GTA online: dark souls edition

  22. MrGrizzly


    Acum an

    Where’s the application for alberts project :(

  23. Cosmo Tran

    Cosmo Tran

    Acum an

    Spotify when

  24. Joseph


    Acum an

    when y'all posting another podcast i love them

  25. OG kush clouds

    OG kush clouds

    Acum an

    4:40 me just realizing i have nothing relatable to albert at all in my life

  26. anthony clemmer

    anthony clemmer

    Acum an

    Like, comment, and subscribe.

  27. guisteh11


    Acum an

    a european lol team signed a contract to only stream on facebook. they got out if it asap. wasnt going well. old Origen? or G2? dont remember

  28. Kaska


    Acum an

    They were definitely talking about Courage during the overreaction section to fortnite.

  29. John LeChino

    John LeChino

    Acum an

    Poki I get it the overeaacting gets to you doesn't it, all those exaggerated emotions and gestures, you guys are actors and entertainers, it's in the nature of the job... it's been a long path but you've come quite far now

  30. John LeChino

    John LeChino

    Acum an

    I realized Janet doesn't appear that much around offline tv, I'm guessing there was tension around between her and some of the other members. Good job toast with supporting

  31. John LeChino

    John LeChino

    Acum an

    Lol I also can see how slowly unfaithful poki is, hmmm 100 thieves? Maybe an argument cuz of that. Ahh so Fed is just a little boy and now you see a Man. But Fed dw you're a chill dude, Toast I love how you pry the truth out albeit you have to decipher all the shade they throw around

  32. John LeChino

    John LeChino

    Acum an

    Also poki lmao you're sooo fake even though I respect your game, but lol I saw that shot you threw at moe 22:50 legit I know how twitch works that company smh but lol the toxic is really flying around the 'team'

  33. John LeChino

    John LeChino

    Acum an

    Toast you're legit the best host ever and person in that shitt org. I can tell how clique shit gets in that place. Everyone's probably 'focused on their careers' and you can see the tension between people in the house

  34. Leon Lang

    Leon Lang

    Acum an

    the mics have some weird response noise, you should fix it. its quite annoying listening to it on headphones

  35. artuate


    Acum an

    Where can I pre-order the Sleightlymusical card deck?

  36. eddebrock


    Acum an

    Where's episode 8?

  37. Shaolin Fang

    Shaolin Fang

    Acum an

    Man I love these.

  38. Brent Visser

    Brent Visser

    Acum an

    Can't believe none of them ever heard of Geforce NOW, a predecessor of Stadia.

  39. ZappyScientist


    Acum an

    dinners on the table at 3:50

  40. Hayden Lin

    Hayden Lin

    Acum an


  41. Andrew Pham

    Andrew Pham

    Acum an

    disguisedtoast just subbed @ 47:45

  42. P3P3 - Music

    P3P3 - Music

    Acum an

    The intro was so weird until you watch the whole thing. Now, it's hilarious.

  43. Adrian Ng

    Adrian Ng

    Acum an

    Well, I am from Hong Kong. One thing I have noticed over these few years, not much teens use facebook anymore 🤔 Like, it’s big for older people, but for us, we are already way pass that Facebook “era” 😂

  44. mattgregorio


    Acum an

    only if they know how hard it is to be famous maybe that might change their answer lmao

  45. Cathsaigh


    Acum an

    The product Toast needs to sell is bread. Not that I'd buy it, brandwise it's just something to do.

  46. rigby1890


    Acum an

    E-Girl is an insult and will continue to be an insult :)

  47. Josh B

    Josh B

    Acum an

    Lol going back to the start to see Albert and his choker lmao

  48. kradiie


    Acum an


  49. Jayden Lamothe

    Jayden Lamothe

    Acum an

    Who was the overreacting fortnite streamer they meant.

    • AVeryNormalGuy


      Acum an

      probably timthetatman.

  50. GroundCharge


    Acum an

    i can think of someone thats overreacting ,,, am i the only one tho ? the podcast is great, i really like toast hosting! more of it

  51. JD Uchiha

    JD Uchiha

    Acum an

    Wait... is poki the girl that was looking for a taxi and offered baguettes as payment? 😂

  52. SF Vistorias

    SF Vistorias

    Acum an

    Offline tv podcast? More like disguisedtoast podcast.😏 he host most of the time what the heck.😂

  53. Faisal Ramadhan Budiono

    Faisal Ramadhan Budiono

    Acum an

    After I watched it for the second time, I just realized the opening cut from the end xD

  54. stingler der

    stingler der

    Acum an

    i like your podcasts, i have a fwe others and i can make time for another 1-1.5h podcast, thank you very much

  55. jonas christensen

    jonas christensen

    Acum an

    you are higher elo because you are getting boosted like a E-girl

  56. Mihir Here

    Mihir Here

    Acum an

    Stadia is better than the other alternatives because it combines the server with the cloud, which is connected directly to the controller hopefully reducing input delay

  57. Sam Palin

    Sam Palin

    Acum an

    Article 13 has passed I guess this is the last OfflineTV video I'm watching

    • Sam Palin

      Sam Palin

      Acum an

      @Ashley Johnson Yeah it fucks europe. Our equivalent of NetNeutrality but it happened

    • Ashley Johnson

      Ashley Johnson

      Acum an

      wut why i dont understand i looked up article 13 and all i found was that it was some copyright law thing in eu. Is there some bs embedded in it?

  58. Thomas B

    Thomas B

    Acum an

    NO Scarra??? what is happening to this world

  59. goodguy buy

    goodguy buy

    Acum an

    Albert fuck you, you are too brilliant A fucking interact-able robot? God daaamn

  60. Pawnch


    Acum an

    Is it weird that Yvonne looks like Lisa Kudrow to me?

  61. WoofWoofWulfy


    Acum an

    Don't wear green in GTA RP unless you wanna be in that green gang lol

  62. LIJ4Productions


    Acum an

    i still use facebooks but just to reshare memes.

  63. Kang Seunho

    Kang Seunho

    Acum an

    Albert with choker *Content!

    • Kang Seunho

      Kang Seunho

      Acum an

      He should wear it more often xD

    • Funcoockie


      Acum an

      Honestly though!!!

  64. loliris


    Acum an

    For 2019 my goal has been to lose weight through walking. And listening to your podcasts has really made my journey be enjoyable so thank you, keep up the great work, and I love all you guys in offline tv ❤️

  65. Masterjd77


    Acum an

    "Featuring: Albert Chang | Albert Chang |" HMMMM

  66. Copc4ke


    Acum an

    Ok I didn't understand the choker joke at the beginning, now it all make sense lol

  67. Soulhope85


    Acum an

    Nice edit ^^

  68. Eric Connor

    Eric Connor

    Acum an

    you sell the people...and their dreams XD

  69. D3ViL。悪魔


    Acum an

    dude usually i find poki and lilly hella annoying but they were hella chill in this

  70. CheekyBirch121


    Acum an

    Hey, love the podcasts. All the different topics are awesome.

  71. KingTofu


    Acum an

    Toast is essential to all these podcasts

  72. Jem


    Acum an

    36:00 nightblue3 😂😂

  73. Jasmine Tea

    Jasmine Tea

    Acum an

    id buy alberts deck of cards

  74. Hypocritical Human

    Hypocritical Human

    Acum an

    Rainbow six siege Community are Worse Then the leg

  75. Elijah Buscho

    Elijah Buscho

    Acum an


  76. 愛zenpai710


    Acum an

    Anyone else getting that weird sound in the background

  77. Foggy


    Acum an

    Anyone else wondering what is blacked out on toasts panel on the back wall, I think it was Disguised Toaster but they removed the -er

    • Zoro


      Acum an

      its HS, he was partnered with HeartStone

  78. kibateo


    Acum an

    idk why but chokers always make any person like x2 hotter

  79. Ner Brs

    Ner Brs

    Acum an

    The thing about the girls being looked like a gender is that they also look at them selfs like a gender, look how feminists talk and look like other woman talk, they see one girl do something amazing and in the instance most off them are talking about how all woman are better then men, that's why its like that. Toast your smarter then this man...

  80. Rivaldo M.L

    Rivaldo M.L

    Acum an

    remember when offline barely uploaded any videos... yeah me neither

  81. Snox


    Acum an

    I swear, IF Albert makes a deck of cards. I WILL buy 10 packs.

  82. teamlabam


    Acum an

    Success is when preparation meets opprotunity

  83. Hannes


    Acum an

    3rd episode in a row talking about sexism and women.. Are you already running out of topics? Still like the podcast tho

  84. Marlou Pumar

    Marlou Pumar

    Acum an

    7:36 Sneakers albert. Sneakers (Y)

  85. Ken


    Acum an

    I'm already subscribed.

  86. Fawtastic


    Acum an


  87. XirU


    Acum an

    Albert trying to justify him using makeup is the best thing lol

  88. M T

    M T

    Acum an

    i immediately thought condoms LOL im sure u know you've made it if people go around using disguisedtoast domdoms XD

  89. KidTrinity


    Acum an

    Hey Mark, is there a reason you guys don't put these videos out in 144p? I know we're rare, but some of us that have especially crappy internet watch in 144.

  90. Kowski


    Acum an

    What's that buzzing sound every time they talk?

  91. Apollo Uchiha

    Apollo Uchiha

    Acum an

    Best part of the podcast is when Poki invited Toast to travel with her and sleep with her 😏👉👌

  92. JXGaming


    Acum an

    twitch chat has broken poki, shes now reacting to herself

  93. Alex M Bioc Jr

    Alex M Bioc Jr

    Acum an

    Love when toast host 😁😁😁

  94. Simon Berntsson

    Simon Berntsson

    Acum an

    Great podcast but Toast, please stop hitting the table so much.

  95. Silver Light

    Silver Light

    Acum an

    poki is so fucking fake.

  96. NightRaid58


    Acum an

    That edited beginning tho😂

  97. Silver Light

    Silver Light

    Acum an


  98. Eitoon


    Acum an

    you need to fix that buzzing sound

  99. Tradfave


    Acum an

    I think Toast would be a great guest host for a late show like Conan. Would like to see an OTV late show spoof

  100. Dr Kartoffelkeks

    Dr Kartoffelkeks

    Acum an

    So at like 2:30 Poki thinks saying the n word is racist even though she just used it in like every sentence at the beginning of her streaming