In this episode of OfflineTV Podcast, we discuss recent events around the house like DUngeons & Dragons, cosplay, and recent streamer struggles. We also talk about the wildly popular esport dresses.
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  1. Arwin Adriano

    Arwin Adriano

    Acum lună

    What game were they referring to when Toast said, ‘.. transparency.. I never played that game!’ ???

  2. Yuxokaji


    Acum lună

    Bird girl= Philo

  3. justausername1968


    Acum 3 luni

    I think scarra would be very accurate as Wong from Doctor Strange.. Its very similar to how he is. Reading books, determined, maintaining the balance and peace? Only me?

  4. justausername1968


    Acum 3 luni

    Toast - Wait People use Facebook? LOL the Irony.

  5. Roshan


    Acum 3 luni

    1:43 well..... shit

  6. inder kerkar

    inder kerkar

    Acum 4 luni

    Toast : Poeple use FaceBook? Toast now : Pro FaceBook Streamer

  7. Hansel Finn

    Hansel Finn

    Acum 5 luni

    I don't think diversity in movie is not that important just stay true to the culture that being represented

  8. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 68, time is 4:04pm day 4

  9. ExtremeGamerGirl 101

    ExtremeGamerGirl 101

    Acum 6 luni

    4/10 for captain marvel

  10. Adrian Solomon

    Adrian Solomon

    Acum 10 luni

    This is the moment Toast started considering his platform move :))

  11. dumbpigface


    Acum 11 luni

    1:44 "do people use Facebook?"

  12. bs000


    Acum an

    35:46 lily2

  13. Mikal 1237

    Mikal 1237

    Acum an

    30:00 best part

  14. Fond Sweet

    Fond Sweet

    Acum an

    When you in 2020, and toast says, " wait, people use facebook?". hehe lol

    • Yamaguchi's Hoe

      Yamaguchi's Hoe

      Acum 16 Zile

      It's kinda weird being in 2021 🥴🤙

  15. Bacon Eater

    Bacon Eater

    Acum an

    11:37 Love this clip

  16. kaustubh


    Acum an

    break 46:20

  17. Wnova 12345

    Wnova 12345

    Acum an

    Well lets say marvel character. Albert would be Gambit. because he has card tricks.

  18. Ajikarp


    Acum an

    I think captains marvel sucks

  19. Osurino


    Acum an

    This is old..... Like if you know why Hint: Albert

  20. Andre Sua

    Andre Sua

    Acum an

    Im just watching lily eating a chocolate ...

  21. Bonkers


    Acum an

    "people use facebook?" -toast march 2019

    • Yamaguchi's Hoe

      Yamaguchi's Hoe

      Acum 16 Zile


    • Utkarsh Dubey

      Utkarsh Dubey

      Acum an

      And then he became a Facebook streamer😅

  22. Angelcity1345


    Acum an

    Capt. marvel is a 4/10. My Nieces hated capt. marvel and loved alita and wonder woman. They enjoyed watching Shazam more too. Just another mary sue marvel character that marvel/disney is trying to push.

  23. F L

    F L

    Acum an

    Lily should cosplay Emma, and Albert as Norman from TPN. FIRE!!!

  24. D N

    D N

    Acum an

    34:25 Fitzgerald and poke

  25. Yee Thao

    Yee Thao

    Acum an

    UGG the best boi

  26. Alex Mighty

    Alex Mighty

    Acum an

    Brie Larson is not hot

  27. Kaleb


    Acum an


  28. 10 thousand Babies

    10 thousand Babies

    Acum an

    Captain marvel fucking sucks prove me wrong

  29. Macchi


    Acum an

    I mean Anna Akana was at the end of Ant Man >.>

  30. 1 AzzA 1

    1 AzzA 1

    Acum an

    Lol When they started to talk about twitch warnings and stuff and scara brought up fed, feds like that Bad kid at school that every teacher warns you not to hang out with them 😂😂

  31. Zay


    Acum an

    1:16:40 reminds me of a quote, "luck is when preparation meets oprotunity."

  32. Ben


    Acum an

    Scarra is Wong

  33. Yichao Shi

    Yichao Shi

    Acum an

    I am excited that POE is getting mentioned. I am addicted to it :D

  34. Ninjahaz 01

    Ninjahaz 01

    Acum an

    Like one punch man without the comedy Well shit

  35. Pi


    Acum an

    *no pokimane equals no good podcast*

  36. rhon Ibabao

    rhon Ibabao

    Acum an

    i rate the captain marvel 100/10 its my favorite marvel hero at all time

  37. dONALD42


    Acum an

    26:30 That dress is disgusting, it is obviously made by men wanting to sexualize girl gamers. I don't think the creators intentions were right. 34:20 Looks ALWAYS part of the appeal of people watching a female streamer, because of the presence of the camera, and a lot of female streamers know that and use their looks as a tool, they are manipulating people with their looks. Pokimane is a very good example. There is nothing wrong when someone wants to look nice, but knowing how long it takes her to put up make-up, and how much, not the amount, but how much different stuff she uses shows the terrible "girl gamer" trope perfectly, its not the "wanting to look nice" category, its obviously manipulation. No wonder she is not present in this podcast. Nice furry-child cosplay...

    • Zone


      Acum an

      dONALD42 pls tell me this is satire

  38. OG kush clouds

    OG kush clouds

    Acum an

    2:30 omfg😂😂😂😂 the silence lmaoo that was golden

  39. Diabolitio Barbossa

    Diabolitio Barbossa

    Acum an

    I WANT 16 hours of DND video, EACH EP

  40. Pedro Lage

    Pedro Lage

    Acum an

    Captain Marvel is trash! Frist Marvel film that i hated badly, plz Marvel learn with DC how to make a good heroine, Wonder Woman was the one of the best heroe film that i ever seen.

    • Jeszebel black

      Jeszebel black

      Acum an

      ehh i disagree,.. i didnt like wonderwoman at all but loved marvel so.. :)

  41. Stanley Yelnats

    Stanley Yelnats

    Acum an

    I think some of the explanation of how to play DnD in the DnD videos is good especially for someone like me who doesnt know how its played.

  42. my le

    my le

    Acum an

    The new condescending Gamer girl Dress!

  43. Definitely Not Shanque

    Definitely Not Shanque

    Acum an

    41:40 Scarra didn't mention it was GG CON. It was a really small con with less than 100 ppl. Toast was there along with Scarra and Meteos. Toast was streaming the hearthstone tourney there, he still kept his face hidden and there were no guards around him. I could have taken his mask off and kickstarted his career faster.

  44. Stelko101


    Acum an

    Damn, Albert said that he wants to do a Jhin music video, I look forward to seeing it in 2021 / 2022

  45. kurazi k

    kurazi k

    Acum an

    the allegory of captain marvel and hidden oppression i think makes it next level, the friendship drama and certain action sequences (i agree) needed more to be perfect. 8

  46. Hangyeon


    Acum an

    Black Panther and Ant Man were pretty bad, especially Black Panther. Captain Marvel was definitely not that good, but it was still better. To be fair tho, both BP and CM had not that great main characters

  47. themurry17


    Acum an

    I like how toast and I are wearing a blue shirt.

  48. Marco Montecillo

    Marco Montecillo

    Acum an

    i F-ing love your intro in Offlinetv Odyssey

  49. Lan.mp4


    Acum an

    Captain Marvel 7/10! The female empowerment is great but it's so in your face and Carol Danvers has no flaws. Marvel, it's okay to give her flaws.

    • Isaiah Scott

      Isaiah Scott

      Acum an

      theelangdonv she does have flaws. She’s incredibly cocky and headstrong.

    • N L

      N L

      Acum an

      and her acting was bout as good as a dead fish

  50. Daniel Terblanche

    Daniel Terblanche

    Acum an

    Captain Marvell 8/10, Black Panther 4/10

  51. Bill Seagroves

    Bill Seagroves

    Acum an

    I'm not sure why I thought about this, but I think an irl workout stream with any of them would garner a rather large viewership. Maybe working out as a group or some other grindy type activity, similar to the practice streams albert has, seems to work for a lot of people as a source of entertainment.

  52. CupO'Happiness


    Acum an

    For the future. Could you push in the camera closer please. Its very hard to read facial expressions. :(

  53. Fabian Lorenzo

    Fabian Lorenzo

    Acum an

    Albert track just need sidechaining and some stereoshaping

  54. Devonkgg


    Acum an


  55. Camryn


    Acum an

    I didn’t like Ant-Man that much

  56. FishingwithHunter


    Acum an

    I’m with toast movie was amazing 9/10 definitely better than black panther

  57. Mr. DLM

    Mr. DLM

    Acum an

    HTTYD 3 was awesome, Captain Marvel was meh and if I let myself be influenced by the main actress shitty opinion than the movie was garbage and I hope it will be a flop.

  58. Th3 Strik3r

    Th3 Strik3r

    Acum an

    Which N word : Nun Nani Nice Neice Nephew N**** Note Not Ninja Negro Nigreto Nigeria New England New Zealand Naruto Neat Me No Nack Night New N

    • Acecarpenter


      Acum an

      Nestle quik chocolate syrup?

  59. Tyler


    Acum an

    18:46 this reminds me of the tokyo ghoul opening unravel

  60. jersey jerry

    jersey jerry

    Acum an

    way better than black panther but i honestly think black panther is a 5/10 marvel movie

  61. Liquidhype


    Acum an

    How the hell is Albert and Lily going to reproduce if he can't even touch other humans? Artificial insemination?

  62. Tyler CSM

    Tyler CSM

    Acum an

    Maybe smart to put timestamps in the description, lots of us dont have time to watch the whole thing

  63. SitDownDusty


    Acum an

    Captain marvel is worse then antman

  64. awwy :3

    awwy :3

    Acum an

    scarra said he loved lily ;-; 1:12:00 i love ur guy's little family i can't breathe

  65. Kdrago The Great

    Kdrago The Great

    Acum an

    loved this whole podcast lmao

  66. Lucien


    Acum an

    Yooo that ending was depressing af but also I enjoyed it

  67. Sir Hades

    Sir Hades

    Acum an

    what was the mobile game they were talking about?

  68. Tetra Sky

    Tetra Sky

    Acum an

    Only 2 weeks before you can start talking about the movie in a spoiler-ish way? If you haven't seen it in 2 weeks it means you weren't planning to watch it anyway? EXCUSE ME?! Some of us don't want to have the experience of a movie RUINED by going to a terrible movie theater with kids screaming and idiots of their phones, heck not every town has a good movie theater like what you'd find in a large city. Not to mention parents with very young children who may not be able to go to the movie theater exactly because they have a baby and don't have anyone to babysit. It's closer to 2 weeks AFTER the movie has been out digitally/disc for all to buy/rent.

  69. Warnado 500

    Warnado 500

    Acum an

    how can you even play d&d without a map or something that can indicate range and distance

  70. Poldi


    Acum an

    The best podcast lineup!

  71. Strawberry Sarah

    Strawberry Sarah

    Acum an

    i agree with toast. lol

  72. Masterdobbs


    Acum an

    I mean black panther was also cookie cutter marvel movie along with ant-man so I can understand toast

  73. Genesis Ang

    Genesis Ang

    Acum an

    can someone put this on itunes podcasts ? plssssss

  74. PopenZ MADMAN

    PopenZ MADMAN

    Acum an

    Captain marvel was super plain to me. Their wasn't much. its one of the only thing that I blatantly don,t agree with toast on. How to train a dragon was AMAZING. It was one of the best movies iv seen that is not related to superheros. Also I don't like the actor for captain marvel, and its hard to enjoy a movie when whenever you see the main you remember who the things that she has said in the past. she is very attractive,nobody can deny that and she is an ok actor. Even with that i didn't enjoy the movie very much. I love your D and D stuff that was very fun to watch and think you guys did a very good job on the whole thing. I love what you guys do and enjoy the podcast. Im in a home schooling system and can listen to the podcast wile i work on whatever. I hope you guys never stop what you do and... um. yea

  75. Hazy


    Acum an

    They talked about asian superhero's and they forgot about wong from doctor strange. Sad

  76. Selenium Glow

    Selenium Glow

    Acum an

    FFS. Toast is awesome xD

  77. Gaxleyyy


    Acum an


  78. Ryan Felton

    Ryan Felton

    Acum 2 ani

    toast deeply hurt me. How to train your dragon is a gem

  79. Mining Brolaf

    Mining Brolaf

    Acum 2 ani

    Offline Tv changed alot

  80. gross_ephen


    Acum 2 ani

    the movie was a 7.5/10

  81. NexusDemon


    Acum 2 ani

    anyone know what mobile game they were talking about?

  82. Marronii


    Acum 2 ani

    So many snowflakes... they're getting pissed off by literally everything!

  83. Marronii


    Acum 2 ani

    Were they paid for saying Cpt Marvel is a 6?

  84. jeremy so

    jeremy so

    Acum 2 ani

    how dare you speak bad of httyd3

  85. ケネス


    Acum 2 ani

    toast is such a good host.

  86. Okay dude

    Okay dude

    Acum 2 ani

    15:15 @Poki lmaoo yikes

    • Okay dude

      Okay dude

      Acum 2 ani

      @Ian Mount Nah, lame excuse. she's said it before so she's used to saying it casually. That's all. It happens.

    • Ian Mount

      Ian Mount

      Acum 2 ani

      SillverBel talking about the “nivia” thing that people who don’t play league took out of context or did something else happen?

  87. irving rubio

    irving rubio

    Acum 2 ani

    can someone from offline just please put the podcasts in a playlist.

  88. KansaiBene


    Acum 2 ani

    I'm glad Offline is sick of BRs, because I was sick of the moba fad for years before BRs replaced them as the new fad.

  89. Thomas- Adinkerke

    Thomas- Adinkerke

    Acum 2 ani

    In belgium and the netherlands we have a holiday where people "cosplay" or basically dress up as black people and now they are doing all diferent colors because it was seen as racist but i kinda grew up with it so it's kinda a tradition for me.

  90. Elaine Casinas

    Elaine Casinas

    Acum 2 ani

    reply a best anime!!!!

  91. Min1mum


    Acum 2 ani

    We need a Amadeus Cho movie and Toast as the lead role

  92. Exequiel Almonte

    Exequiel Almonte

    Acum 2 ani

    For me this is your marvel character counter parts Lily- squirrel girl Albert-gambit Scarra- the thing Toast-tony stark Fed-deadpool Poki-shadow cat

  93. Jmz Lmz

    Jmz Lmz

    Acum 2 ani

    I dont know why but i think that lily and albert are cute together nut albert is avoiting it. Why albert

    • Funcoockie


      Acum an

      Theyre adorable!!!!

  94. Case Square

    Case Square

    Acum 2 ani

    The reason Lily doesn't wanna do Lux is cause she knows her cosplay won't even hold a candle to Sneaky's Lux.

  95. reda mohamad

    reda mohamad

    Acum 2 ani

    U need some sound proof 💢🔊

  96. GalleryG


    Acum 2 ani

    Don’t delete the video! It’s how I found you Lily!!

  97. yujibell draws stuff

    yujibell draws stuff

    Acum 2 ani

    toast is easily my least favorite person on that table

  98. eming 0

    eming 0

    Acum 2 ani for anyone wondering which they were talking about in 40:12

  99. Adam L H

    Adam L H

    Acum 2 ani

    Timestamps please

  100. pgbr0


    Acum 2 ani

    Love u guys