This week on the OfflineTV podcast we cover ROfilms recent actions around comments, relationships as a gamer/streamer, and much more!
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Pokimane | pokimanelol
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Fedmyster | Fedmyster
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Xell | xelltweets
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  1. NagnaraHQ


    Acum 19 Zile


  2. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum lună

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 63, time is 10:27am day 4

  3. Pathundris


    Acum 4 luni

    Half the people in this podcast are not even in OTV anymore.

    • JustMeAlexツ


      Acum 4 luni

      That is indeed true

  4. MisaClean JR

    MisaClean JR

    Acum 5 luni

    Yo has scarra been loosing weight ?

  5. fj kv

    fj kv

    Acum 5 luni

    Was brought to Offline following my fellow Canadian toast, since then I have fallen hard for Scarra and Lily, maybe Micheal too, thanks toast, and all of you

  6. Luke Wilhelm

    Luke Wilhelm

    Acum 5 luni

    57:34 cough katerino cough

  7. Dirtystriker


    Acum 6 luni

    how did i watch the whole ting xD

  8. Fabianus Junior

    Fabianus Junior

    Acum 6 luni

    im a simple man, i see albert, i stop watching the video

    • Fabianus Junior

      Fabianus Junior

      Acum 5 luni

      @Alvarez Rodriguez do i look like i give a fuck?

    • Alvarez Rodriguez

      Alvarez Rodriguez

      Acum 5 luni

      That's toxic

  9. Kendoll


    Acum 6 luni

    That reading challenge, all of my schools up to 5th grade did that and if you read a certain amount you would get a free ticket to 6 flags.

  10. rebel without a comma

    rebel without a comma

    Acum 7 luni

    ROfilm definately manually montitors (bullys) ROfilmrs. But, it has to be a large enough site, or something triggering enough. Or really, just whatever their arbitrary orgasm is that day.

  11. rebel without a comma

    rebel without a comma

    Acum 7 luni

    This is actually the only channel I sub to with over 1 million subs where ROfilm hasn't royally dicked them over. It's typically done in a prejudice fashion, and always unfairly. This vid is a yr old, so I won't feel too bad if it gets demonetized (moving forward) because of this comment.

  12. rebel without a comma

    rebel without a comma

    Acum 7 luni

    Vodka and coke?! bleh! Scarra even said it's gross but he keeps downing it LuhMow

  13. Heavymetalization


    Acum 7 luni

    52:16 yeah why do you keep looking at fed, what the hell, toast?

  14. iamsuperbbq


    Acum 10 luni


  15. LamboKang


    Acum 11 luni

    ROfilm algo is seriously flawed and unpolished despite being such a huge company. Outside that, moderators of youtube aint doing their job right either probably due to lack manpower since so much contents gets uploaded on a literally seconds basis.

  16. Erique John

    Erique John

    Acum an

    57:43 reminded me of Fed with every other female streamer LMAOOOO

    • Ixiaz


      Acum 7 luni

      and recently his chat literally roped him into getting catfished with their incessant shipping

  17. RiptideV10


    Acum an

    54:42 rip albert

  18. Brendan Wilson

    Brendan Wilson

    Acum an

    a girl never slid into albies dm's huh? 54:40

    • アミダ


      Acum 9 luni

      Yeah it was google docs

    • forsemasterjedi


      Acum 9 luni

      That's why he took the chance LOL, he wasn't loyal to being with he just never had the chance.

  19. THUNT


    Acum an

    What I did to farm AR points was to read one biography, and since all biographies are just facts then they would all be the same, I would only have to read one biography then I could take tests on all the other biographies too.

  20. Just Gordon

    Just Gordon

    Acum an

    how you gonna spell Gordon wrong.

  21. arie gelfand

    arie gelfand

    Acum an

    You can die if you dont sleep for days.

  22. Ariz GG

    Ariz GG

    Acum an

    I just realized that Scarra mispelling a champ's name on a TFT vid was because of 13:30

  23. Thezla


    Acum an

    ur always trash if ur new to the game tho?

  24. Fort Knox

    Fort Knox

    Acum an

    Albert is so out of it when talkin about women in twitch lmao why

  25. ImNotAsher


    Acum an

    positive comment

  26. Evolor


    Acum an

    The line with "12 car garage but you ony got 6 cars" is actually a diss, he is talking about statements other people make about him.

  27. Bondis


    Acum an

    attacked for personal appearance, Trick2G makes half of his dono money on hairline comments

  28. Nas Boy

    Nas Boy

    Acum an

    sad reality that female streamers get a lot of shit and tbh it's mostly dumb kids and 25-year old neckbeard rejects....Can you imagine a socially adept, well-adjusted adult spend hours of their life sitting and watching twitch streamers? me neither. But seriously, people are on twitch because they either some normal dude that wants to watch the top (insert X game) player during their lunchbreak or they suffer from crippling loneliness and anxiety. not kidding

  29. Nas Boy

    Nas Boy

    Acum an


  30. Leon Lang

    Leon Lang

    Acum an

    anyone know where i can get toasts shirt?

  31. Benjamin Ruiz

    Benjamin Ruiz

    Acum an

    33:27 I did that accelerated reading thing while being in school, got 2 place in elementary man I forgot about this im writing this with a smile on my face now I can recommend my current school im going to implement this thanks for remembering this xd

  32. OGI


    Acum an

    wait what toasts relationship is public?? with who?

  33. Lan.mp4


    Acum an

    Podcast cut while they were talking? lol

  34. Lily'sDong


    Acum an


  35. Arjun Kodikannath

    Arjun Kodikannath

    Acum an


  36. Tom Jenrich

    Tom Jenrich

    Acum an

    **Insert unsuitable comment here**

  37. Sonny Hoekstra

    Sonny Hoekstra

    Acum an

    Rip alberts dm's

  38. Slate Sempai

    Slate Sempai

    Acum an

    I read in my head with the voice of morgan freeman but I speak read words like a white guy and I'm 3th gen hispanic IRL. Sooo I confuse people. XD

  39. 4elove4ishee


    Acum an

    You should really prepare before discussing controversial topics. Even producer seems to be really uninformed.

  40. Mikolaj Mazurek

    Mikolaj Mazurek

    Acum an

    43:17 wait what, toast is in a relationship?

  41. ケネス


    Acum an

    whats with the ending? it just cut.

  42. Itachi 2.01 _

    Itachi 2.01 _

    Acum an

    I feel like scarra the type of dude to try to roast someone and then u say sum back an he get emotional

  43. Kitto 312

    Kitto 312

    Acum an

    The face of someone that has been left out of the circle 33:32 xD (I mean Toast btw)

  44. Eddy


    Acum an

    Loved this episode, talking about issue, observations and the streaming business. Nice to see you guys trying new topics.

  45. Jeffrey Kiu Shiu Liong

    Jeffrey Kiu Shiu Liong

    Acum an


  46. TJ Hockaday

    TJ Hockaday

    Acum an

    i opened up my 40oz to watch this and was happy to see yall drinkin too

  47. George Maddux

    George Maddux

    Acum an

    scarra it's not spelled lolypichu wtf is wrong with you

  48. Premium Bleach

    Premium Bleach

    Acum an

    You’re Welcome 43:54 46:24

  49. AdamC


    Acum an

    Is the description really out of date? I thought Sean and Yvonne are involved in the production, and I’m not sure Albert shot this video 🧐

  50. Brought Fire

    Brought Fire

    Acum an

    The trailer was better than the movie

  51. vuki


    Acum an

    whats up with toast and cp lol

  52. Evan Hachiya

    Evan Hachiya

    Acum an

    spelled gordon wrong

  53. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee

    Acum an

    Please Scarra talk about kingdom more. Seriously underrated manga and deserves much more exposure!

  54. bitch cunt

    bitch cunt

    Acum an

    Hey can I get hearted too? :D

  55. Nj Rocks

    Nj Rocks

    Acum an

    In two days we gonna come back and edit the comments remember guys.

  56. Asura Jeff

    Asura Jeff

    Acum an

    Yee I agree with all the interesting shyt lol.....cmon don’t talk abt books man

  57. Mikal Donlon

    Mikal Donlon

    Acum an

    What are the chances that these podcasts will be on Spotify? I would listen to this on my way to work, while I cook, and shower.... ;) xoxo lol MAKE IT HAPPEN

  58. Eve


    Acum an

    i can relate to scarra and albert being insecure abt their voices but i rlly like u guys' voices!! been loving the podcasts too, keep up the good work otv!!♡

  59. Akaro


    Acum an

    Thought the cups on the table were for decoration til Scarra used it for coke

  60. Aron..


    Acum an

    Am I reading the podcast now?...

  61. ㄒㄖズリ


    Acum an

    I got a question why is this channel called offline tv if you have to got on yt witch is online to watch it 😂😂 And i know this doesn't relate to the video i just really need to know

  62. Allen Chen

    Allen Chen

    Acum an

    comment for the algorithm :D

  63. Zach Lee

    Zach Lee

    Acum an

    Spongebob is staring at everyone

  64. Jabba Hutt

    Jabba Hutt

    Acum an

    Do u guys claim Frizens, spectral spotlight, fun for league and best of offline tv? they make good tranformitive content and they help when i am at school and I miss the stream and the vods are just too long for me to watch. ;-; Thanks for the best content Offline keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

  65. GM Simon

    GM Simon

    Acum an

    Toast: You read... Disgusting... 🤣

  66. Lucien


    Acum an

    Yoooo shout out Scarra for reading the books

  67. IPFreely


    Acum an

    The only issue with Offline TV as a whole is that it's mostly stream content so if you miss a funny bit and want to see it, but don't want to watch 14 hours of vods every day, then you're kinda out of luck if you don't want to support a best of or highlights channel. OfflineTV second channel so they can post their own clips and highlights when?

  68. Miyamoto Musashi

    Miyamoto Musashi

    Acum an

    I expected it to be boring but to my surprise it was more entertaining than I thought. Mostly because their opinions seem honest.

  69. Godwin Wong

    Godwin Wong

    Acum an

    Keep up the great work. These videos get me through the week.

  70. Blue


    Acum an

    weird flex but ok

  71. ruben drabbels

    ruben drabbels

    Acum an

    All they talk about is money and profit though... :/ What about the goals and ideals?

  72. Alfred Viggosson

    Alfred Viggosson

    Acum an

    honestly in sweden mixing vodka with soda is the only way to like drink before you turn 18, sometimes after if you dont wanna go to clubs and bars.

  73. duh_bry


    Acum an

    40:37 lmao

  74. Mohammed Eldeeb

    Mohammed Eldeeb

    Acum an

    fire the editor for that outro

  75. KansaiBene


    Acum an

    I wonder how long before someone trains a deep learning algorithm to edit videos...

  76. Orbii Lyn

    Orbii Lyn

    Acum an

    Can some make time stamps of topics?

  77. Purgatory Rabbit

    Purgatory Rabbit

    Acum an

    someone like this comment in a week....

  78. Shaun C

    Shaun C

    Acum an

    Toast has been watching Feds videos with Quarterjade

  79. Vladimir Makarov

    Vladimir Makarov

    Acum an

    Man if comments can demonitized videos,haters gonna hate

  80. TheLapoka


    Acum an

    12 car is from No heart, in rockstar he is making a call back to the meme

  81. Kech


    Acum an

    Is toast in a relationship?

    • Ballsballsballs


      Acum an


  82. Slate Sempai

    Slate Sempai

    Acum an

    I will forever know her as lolipichu.

  83. Aspharr101


    Acum an

    someone has to stop Albert before he gets sick or something with his challenges

  84. MrMartin


    Acum an

    Mark and shawn can you start posting the podcasts on apple podcast and spotify ?

  85. Isaiah Wijaya

    Isaiah Wijaya

    Acum an

    Can we get this on Spotify?

  86. Davis Sawali

    Davis Sawali

    Acum an

    Ya'll need to be on Spotify

  87. Zismo NA

    Zismo NA

    Acum an

    Goodbye naked yoga channel

  88. Uncle Jiraiya

    Uncle Jiraiya

    Acum an

    I was looking at the comments and they were right, Scarra is looking great after the weight loss. Keep it up bud

  89. Silentzio


    Acum an

    This is a positive comment which will not be edited 1 week later.

  90. Spywolf


    Acum an

    oh ... toast

  91. KidTrinity


    Acum an

    "And today we're joined by the boys of Offline TV." I know Josh looks like Ichigo now, but you can't do my weeb dad like that.

  92. katto89


    Acum an

    Did Fed edit this? That cut in the end is masterful :)

  93. DvApps


    Acum an

    !remindme 1 week

  94. Tram Ramt

    Tram Ramt

    Acum an

    ROfilm is so fucked up, if a parent goes to the public park or playground with his kid, and then some creep comes and makes rude sexual comments about the kid, you don't ban parents or fine them for going to the park, you come to the creep and slap his ass out of this park forever.

  95. Ryku Tyrrel

    Ryku Tyrrel

    Acum an

    I think you guys should have like 1 cam facing the crew that way when you reference them, you can quick cut to them like other podcasts

  96. Yubin Lim

    Yubin Lim

    Acum an

    5 more days boys.... Then we go all out

  97. Omid G

    Omid G

    Acum an

    Is this gonna be a weekly thing like Rooster Teeth?

  98. Lazy Bone

    Lazy Bone

    Acum an

    Treat people the same is a lie, everyone is different

  99. Dish


    Acum an

    problem is toast people live in different places in the world so unless you stream 24/7 or post your streams on youtube then i can't watch it

  100. Wizzy Obregon

    Wizzy Obregon

    Acum an

    My boi Scarra looking Jojo swole