To celebrate easter, the OfflineTV House decided to do an $10000 easter egg hunt with a twist. The challenge is to find the secret egg that had food coloring inside of it. The only way to know if you found the $10k egg? Smash it on your head. #OfflineTV #Challenge #Easter
OfflineTV Roster:
Scarra | scarra
Pokimane | pokimanelol
LilyPichu | lilypichu
Disguised Toast l DisguisedToast
Fedmyster | Fedmyster
Produced / Directed by:
Sean Suyeda | seanic_
Yvonne | yvonnieng
Shot By:
Albert Chang | THEalbertchang
Edited by:
Juan Ramos
Managed by:
Edison Park | edisonparklive
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  1. Pokimane


    Acum an

    sorry guys i had hair extensions in and didn't want the egg to ruin em T__T next time i'll figure out a way to humiliate myself 2x as much to make up for it.. >:)

    • Keiri_Bb


      Acum lună

      Oop ☹️🥺👏🤣😂👏

    • MinGenius17


      Acum lună

      @sam its not that serious dumbass so stfu. Her friends didn't care so you the hell do

    • Humeira chandoe

      Humeira chandoe

      Acum lună

      No it’s okayy!! 😿

    • you're and YOUR aren't the same word okay

      you're and YOUR aren't the same word okay

      Acum 3 luni

      @RedPanda Lmao,ou're so ironic😂

    • Intelligent Cheese

      Intelligent Cheese

      Acum 3 luni

      Just glad it got on ur face

  2. Sqyerz


    Acum 5 Zile

    8:16 the egg white slipped into toasts pocket

  3. William Avocado

    William Avocado

    Acum 14 Zile

    Poki : It’s like you can’t punch yourself Me : Trying to proof it isn’t true

  4. gaara


    Acum lună

    fuck you albert

  5. Alexis


    Acum lună

    8:16 hes saving that egg white for later in his front pocket

  6. Its Silxnt

    Its Silxnt

    Acum lună


  7. btssuhh


    Acum lună

    if michael does this, he’s gonna hide a taser inside of one of the egg

  8. Death Raider1106

    Death Raider1106

    Acum lună

    The thing is, split 2 dollars only lose 1 dollar, split 10k lose 5k, therefor with intense thought and hours of thought I have come to the conclusion.. fuck my teammate I ain’t losing 5k

  9. Kenneth Carl Laroga

    Kenneth Carl Laroga

    Acum lună

    toast hair... i miss it >~

  10. Lisa Tsai

    Lisa Tsai

    Acum lună

    I haven’t finished the video yet and I feel like they trolled them and none of the eggs have food coloring 👀

  11. Billyawn Xu

    Billyawn Xu

    Acum lună

    poki says being unable to crack an egg on urself is like not being able to punch urself me: punches myself in the head so that was a fucking lie

  12. Dexter Federizo

    Dexter Federizo

    Acum lună

    Thank god chickens doesnt watch youtube

  13. cindy lin

    cindy lin

    Acum lună

    dang toast be looking kinda cute here

  14. Astherielle Athena

    Astherielle Athena

    Acum 2 luni


  15. Your Waifu Elmo

    Your Waifu Elmo

    Acum 2 luni

    Water bill going crazy after this..

  16. serenitysphere


    Acum 2 luni

    Go to 3:13 and immediately pause. You're welcome.

    • alicia thomas

      alicia thomas

      Acum lună

      Lmao his face is hilarious 🤣

    • serenitysphere


      Acum 2 luni

      @RufusPandam if you know, then you know

    • RufusPandam


      Acum 2 luni

      what is there meant to be

  17. S G

    S G

    Acum 3 luni

    Toat:No she wan'ted because she's a far pre- Lilly: *Smacks the egg on his head* GG LOL

  18. derek gene caja

    derek gene caja

    Acum 3 luni

    Who's watching this in 2020!! Like if you are :)

  19. you're and YOUR aren't the same word okay

    you're and YOUR aren't the same word okay

    Acum 3 luni

    Fun fact:The egg white is really good for your face

  20. BextoMoose


    Acum 3 luni

    3:30 Poki: You know how you can't punch yourself? Me: Instantly punches myself at top speed square in the face Me: *Bullshit*

  21. Justin Lee

    Justin Lee

    Acum 3 luni

    0:32 annual

  22. NotFuffly


    Acum 3 luni

    toast is now French toast qui qui

  23. Karma Akabane

    Karma Akabane

    Acum 4 luni

    Now thats a egg toast

  24. Alex Pendzick

    Alex Pendzick

    Acum 4 luni

    lol, scarra giving away in the beginning that its rigged and just for views. I mean most of what offline TV does if faked, but I love em anyway

  25. Justin Fry

    Justin Fry

    Acum 4 luni

    They look like they have so much fun. Oh to be young again

  26. pugzarvil 288

    pugzarvil 288

    Acum 4 luni

    Yay! Yvonne content

  27. LiLMcD Bfks

    LiLMcD Bfks

    Acum 4 luni

    “ROfilmrs put embryos in their hair for $10,000!”

  28. Zianley De Luna

    Zianley De Luna

    Acum 4 luni

    lily had so many eggs but poki won

  29. Pam


    Acum 4 luni

    toast in the outro :3

  30. I Q

    I Q

    Acum 4 luni

    this vid was filmed on my b-day :)

  31. cheollemon


    Acum 4 luni

    yvonne in a chicken kigurumi and toast with bunny headband.

  32. Peter Scott

    Peter Scott

    Acum 4 luni

    18:15 watch the egg drip into his shirt pocket

    • S L

      S L

      Acum 3 luni


  33. Basil Fabian

    Basil Fabian

    Acum 4 luni

    Great idea with smashing the eggs on your heads Toast haha

  34. tomer s

    tomer s

    Acum 4 luni

    8:16 into the pocket it goes

  35. E Kayysuno

    E Kayysuno

    Acum 5 luni

    Omg toast looks so fcking handsome with long hair 🥺♥️

  36. Smol Chungus

    Smol Chungus

    Acum 5 luni

    600th comment lol

  37. Life 94815

    Life 94815

    Acum 5 luni

    Ok I have decided to binge watch offline TV see you all in every single video, I am currently on video number 81, time is 9:52am day 6

  38. yomama gae

    yomama gae

    Acum 5 luni

    Sorry, I’m just disturbed by this because I am virgin. (I couldn’t find my other comment so i commented a new one lol)

  39. Sephoire


    Acum 5 luni

    now thats a breakfast toast

  40. Arjun B

    Arjun B

    Acum 5 luni

    toast is op as f

  41. Liss V

    Liss V

    Acum 5 luni

    Toast had luscious hair

  42. Jaycob Char

    Jaycob Char

    Acum 5 luni

    Toast: “she’s not going to cuz she’s a fair person” *literally 2 seconds later” Lily: YEEET

  43. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    Acum 5 luni

    Would it be cheating to crack them on my wrist? Or just squeeze and crush them?

  44. iixpergamer iixpergamer

    iixpergamer iixpergamer

    Acum 5 luni

    Lily is a different kind of evil

  45. Bryan Rim

    Bryan Rim

    Acum 6 luni

    But fr tho toast is the winner in all the viewers minds and not poki with her shower cap garbage

  46. jason tan

    jason tan

    Acum 7 luni

    how many meal is that?

  47. Salted Sugar

    Salted Sugar

    Acum 7 luni

    Now... That's a lot of protein wasted :(

  48. Toasted Bun

    Toasted Bun

    Acum 8 luni

    This video is so underrated compared to their other vids.

  49. JooshBox


    Acum 8 luni

    0:00 For the first couple of times it sounds like the slight moan, then after listening to it, it sound more like a something being hit on a table

  50. Truzy -chan

    Truzy -chan

    Acum 8 luni

    Love toasts hair. Even though now it's all gone

  51. 4TK Slyly

    4TK Slyly

    Acum 8 luni


  52. Tony Palmer

    Tony Palmer

    Acum 8 luni

    whens the 2020 annual egg challenge

  53. Yuna Alvarez

    Yuna Alvarez

    Acum 8 luni

    Annual my ass they didn't do it this year T-T

  54. Esti maGuire

    Esti maGuire

    Acum 8 luni

    Fam these guys are using dead baby chickens as content

  55. Adam Naim

    Adam Naim

    Acum 8 luni

    poki looks like a boomer wtf

  56. Cdizzy


    Acum 9 luni

    its toasts money and they just annihilate him with eggs way more than anyone. omegalul

  57. Waddup Broskis!

    Waddup Broskis!

    Acum 9 luni

    This was 10 min of Lily bullying Toast

  58. asdf;lkjasdf;lkj


    Acum 9 luni

    Smashing baby chickens on their forehead for entertainment? *absolute monsters*

  59. Flonp Dinglechalk

    Flonp Dinglechalk

    Acum 9 luni

    Gg toast

  60. zaki dris

    zaki dris

    Acum 9 luni

    it's may 2020, where is the second annual egg hunt ?

  61. Joshua ;-;

    Joshua ;-;

    Acum 10 luni

    Yvonne looks so cute in the chicken onesieeeeeee omgggggggg

  62. Lijy


    Acum 10 luni

    Oke no 2nd annual Easter egg hunt

  63. dragonfroot


    Acum 10 luni

    hmmmm, so much for annual...

  64. ttv_indian_boy


    Acum 11 luni

    Why fed is not there

  65. 芙蓉盛开


    Acum 11 luni

    While you guys were cracking eggs on yourselves, I was celebrating my birthday! Easter eggs, Earth day, and watching offline TV.

  66. Gaijin xwei

    Gaijin xwei

    Acum 11 luni

    I like eggs on my toast

  67. Zenith


    Acum 11 luni

    9:09 and 0.25 speed enjoy

  68. Maya Vuong-Ramirez

    Maya Vuong-Ramirez

    Acum 11 luni

    May all those unborn chickens rest in peace...

  69. Anthony Branson

    Anthony Branson

    Acum 11 luni

    Shit can I play this game 😂

  70. Kyle Reich

    Kyle Reich

    Acum an

    If they do this again, I can only imagine what psychotic mayhem Michael is going to do

    • Aryella


      Acum 24 Zile

      he'll make a grenade launcher....but for eggs......

    • Crawlify


      Acum 2 luni

      He’d do a shadow clone jutsu

    • Nikhil Ramkrishnan

      Nikhil Ramkrishnan

      Acum 2 luni

      eggs but when you crack one that isn't the 10k one you get tased

    • Aasish Dangol

      Aasish Dangol

      Acum 2 luni

      He’s gonna make an Instant food coloring detection device that finds the color in the egg or is gonna treated everyone with the electric chair

    • Bruna Martins

      Bruna Martins

      Acum 4 luni

      He already made Tazer Tag so next is Tazer Egg

  71. sbattleships


    Acum an

    Lily pussyed out

  72. WarvanEK


    Acum an

    peta was not happy

  73. justsomenightowl


    Acum an

    toast was smiling so big in this video haha anyone else notice that?

  74. ༺ȻʘƦƔƗƝ༻


    Acum an

    In our Village when someone is becoming 16 they get a whole pack of eggs and flour thrown all over themselves by their friends and after that they are allowed to drink their first beer.

  75. Feri0z


    Acum an

    poor toast lmao

  76. Zeglex


    Acum an

    the dislikes are vegans

  77. Jayuh


    Acum an

    I like how toast took the most eggs and didn't even win

  78. Peter the Pan

    Peter the Pan

    Acum an

    toast literally thought up a game where there would be eggs on him................. he made competitive eggs on toast

    • defective pikachu

      defective pikachu

      Acum 10 luni

      wow.. 4 months later but still wow

  79. Edward Grossu

    Edward Grossu

    Acum an

    This video was sponsored by How To Basic.

  80. Lautaro Omar Lamalfa

    Lautaro Omar Lamalfa

    Acum an

    “$10000 Easter Egg challenge” or “That episode where -Yvonne- Toast tries to be Mr. Beast”

  81. Ray Denki

    Ray Denki

    Acum an

    "I feel like this is some of your fans fantasy" *I mean* ...

  82. jello pudding

    jello pudding

    Acum an

    Scarra has obtained my respect, dudes a beast in this vid

  83. YTSS 4E4 30 Ong Wei Baek

    YTSS 4E4 30 Ong Wei Baek

    Acum an

    lily seems too exited for this...

  84. Dogee


    Acum an

    3:23 Mimi just minding her on own business in the back trying to get some water from the faucet LMAOO

  85. Mohammed Karim

    Mohammed Karim

    Acum an

    Oof. It was Toast's idea. Toast's money. And he had to take the most egg damage to the head compared to everyone else. Messiah among us.

  86. Nuggets


    Acum an

    “Insert Mr Beast joke”

  87. Abdellah Alliti

    Abdellah Alliti

    Acum an

    Watch the bit of egg that falls into toast pocket, That was smooth af 8:17

  88. Xarles Cruz

    Xarles Cruz

    Acum an

    Abuse! Hahahaha!

  89. Rias


    Acum an

    could only focus on him washing the glasses 4:47

  90. IamNikki


    Acum an

    Poki: That’s 10.000$ right there! Lily: Richest person gets it! 😂😂😂

  91. Agustín Martínez Bernhard

    Agustín Martínez Bernhard

    Acum an

    how do you get the color inside the egg? impressive .__:

  92. Jordan Hardy

    Jordan Hardy

    Acum an


  93. StereoTypical Asian

    StereoTypical Asian

    Acum an

    Dude I love eggs on my toast

  94. xFNolight


    Acum an

    I guess fed wasnt avaible cuz he woud won

  95. Akuos 02

    Akuos 02

    Acum an


  96. roy benesonjr

    roy benesonjr

    Acum an

    Poki: Do me. Lily:

  97. manuu kk

    manuu kk

    Acum an

    okay so no one is going to talk about the guy in the background cleaning the glasses like it was a diamond or stuff?

  98. Lodewijk Moens

    Lodewijk Moens

    Acum an


  99. Ino145


    Acum an

    LOL Poki using a thing for her hair.. Bit lame. :P

    • Ino145


      Acum an

      @DCH1LD 19 Yes..

    • DCH1LD 19

      DCH1LD 19

      Acum an

      Ino145 you mean a shower cap

  100. TheKuudereDude


    Acum an

    So even back to the time when they recorded this was there something going on between Sean and yvonne